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Girls Softball Senior Night vs Lane Tech

The entire softball team lines up to celebrate the seniors preparing to walk down.

When seniors Genciana Ortiz and Mackenzie Bickhaus stepped onto the softball field on Saturday, May 11 to celebrate their final home game, the air buzzed with bittersweetness and pride. The two seniors were honored with posters and gift baskets. 

“Walking out for Senior Day was a very cute and a little bit of an emotional moment, but just being with my team and getting to enjoy one of my last home games at Niles West was my favorite part of the day,” Bickhaus said. 

“Senior day was amazing. It was everything I would have hoped for and more,” Ortiz said.  “It’s a little unsettling. I’ve never been in that position before and so I’m still getting used to it, so when I say we’ve learned a lot I’m including myself. We all treat each other as equals, and that’s probably one of my favorite things about this team.”

The focus shifted to the game itself, the crowd erupting into cheers as it unfolded with palpable energy, each play met with roars of encouragement from the Niles West team. 

“The games on Saturday were a little rough– we definitely could have done better. But it was fun and all just being able to celebrate senior day with my team,” Bickhaus said. 

Niles West lost 4-0 in the first game and 2-13 in the second game, it was still an incredible memory for them.

“You can’t win every game. Important thing is, we shared an important day, played softball, and ate some good food afterwards. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made and how far we’ve come. It’s sad that it’s my last year and I only had limited time with them, but it’s only up from here,” Ortiz said. 

The seniors have been on varsity for four years, and a lot of the team looks up to them. 

“I thought the game went really well– everything really came together. I really liked the baskets and posters that Ava put together. I thought it was a really nice way to make the day special for them. I am really glad that I got to play with Gencie and Mack this year because they both have been such good leaders. I think right now we are kind of a young team, because most of us haven’t played at this level before, and having Gencie and Mack on the team to guide us has been really helpful. Also, they are so sweet and kind and supportive and I could not ask for better teammates.” sophomore Penny Hutchinson said. 

Ortiz has noted that she will continue to play softball after high school at Oakton Community College, and her coaches are incredibly proud of her. 

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