Spirit Week to Kick Off Homecoming

By Cheyenne Farrell

On Monday, Oct. 18, don’t be surprised if you see your fellow students walking around with slippers on their feet and teddy bears in their hands. Homecoming is just around the corner, and with Homecoming, comes Spirit Week!

Spirit Week themes:

  • Monday: PJ Day. Dress in your favorite PJs and slippers!
  • Tuesday: Black Out Day. Wear all the black you can find in your closet.
  • Wednesday: Jock Vs Nerd Day. Make of it what you will!
  • Thursday: Middle School Day. See who went to your rival middle school.
  • Friday: Class Competition Day. At the pep assembly, we will see who has the most school spirit.

Freshmen will wear grey.

Sophomores will wear white.

Juniors will wear black.

Seniors will wear red.

“[Last year’s pep assembly was] the loudest thing I’ve ever experienced,” said Jessica Ogulnik, student activities director.

Ogulnik said she hopes this year’s assembly is as school-spiritied as last year.

“Last year’s seniors had volume, organization, and they knew what was when,” she said. “It would be great if all of West came together and had as much spirit as [last year’s] seniors.”

Student body president and senior Nick Flatley said diversity helps bring spirit of all kinds.

“The diversity here [at Niles West] is our biggest strength,” he said.

This year, Flatley has made it his mission to increase school spirit. He’s worn costumes and tights to school, dragged around bloody Niles North dummies, and gave a pre-game video announcements.

“If we could all see surrounding high schools and the opportunities we have that they don’t, I think everyone would share my love for Niles West,” said Flatley.

Flatley said he thinks Niles West is the “most amazing school in the entire country.” A student can never have “enough school spirit,” he said.

Some students said they mixed opinions about this year’s themes.

“I think that’s [Middle School Day] cool for people who went to a real middle school, but it’s not cool for me because I went to a private school,” said junior Elizabeth Ceisel. “I think that’s [Class Competition Day] cool because it’s rivalry. I like how the two dark colors are the upperclassmen; they seem more dominate.”

West students are all Wolves now, so as Flatley and Ogulnik say, Niles West should come together as a whole and dress up for Spirit Week.