Dance Marathon to Host T-Bay

By Mara Shapiro

A poster for T-Bay. Photo by Vicky Robles.

T-Bay auctions off services and items donated by students and staff members. All proceeds go to Dance Marathon and Special Gifts Theatre. This year’s items include two Prom tickets, a yearbook donated by English teacher Sharon Swanson, a three-day pass to Pitchfork donated by English teacher David Klingenberger, a bicycle donated by science teacher Neil Koreman, banjo lessons donated by English teacherPaul Wack, and much more.

Junior Dance Marathon Executive Basia Gawin thinks that students should bid on items because they are unique and low-costing.

“Everyone should bid because we have tons of cool items this year. You can get them for a lot cheaper than anywhere else and all the money raised is being donated to Special Gifts Theatre,”  Gawin says.

Senior Dance Marathon Executive Maria Dekhytar agrees with Gawin.

” This is a huge school activity that both students and faculty get involved in, pretty much tradition at our school.There are really awesome things to bid on this year. All money is going to charity so you are getting awesome things and donating at the same time,” Dekhytar says.