Niles West News

Birthday Locker Decorations Tampered With

By Mara Shapiro

June 7, 2012

Most teenagers look forward to their birthdays. 16 means license, and 18 means legalization. But there is more to numbers, balloons, and cake for a high school student; there are also birthday decorations! Typically (espec...

Dance Marathon Announces New Beneficiary

By Mara Shapiro

June 1, 2012

Dance Marathon announced its next year's beneficiary to be Rustic Falls  on Wednesday, May 30. Rustic Falls is a nature camp for at-risk-youth, cancer survivors, and physically and mentally disabled children and adults. Some activities include horseback riding, fishing, and basketball. Read More »...

Why is Dance Marathon More Popular at North?

By Mara Shapiro

May 25, 2012

Those who are involved in Dance Marathon know that Niles North values the event like no other. They absolutely love participating in it. Not to say that West students don't, but there is a considerable ratio difference when one...

Dance Marathon to be Held Saturday

By Mara Shapiro

May 24, 2012

Dance Marathon will be holding its annual dance Saturday, May 26 from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Niles West. Dance Marathon decided last year that its benefactors would be Special Gifts Theatre and Niles Township Foundation for Excellence.  Dancers needed to raise $100, Morale Captains $150, and Executives $300 in order t...

Dance Marathon to Host T-Bay

By Mara Shapiro

April 13, 2012

T-Bay auctions off services and items donated by students and staff members. All proceeds go to Dance Marathon and Special Gifts Theatre. This year's items include two Prom tickets, a yearbook donated by English teacher Sharon Swanso...

Dance Marathon to Sell Candy Grams

By Mara Shapiro

December 12, 2011

Dance Marathon will be selling Candy Grams starting Monday, Dec. 12 through Friday, Dec.16 outside the Cafeteria during lunch periods. Dance Marathon sponsor Jessica Ogulnik thinks thanks sending a Candy Gram is a nice gift for a friend. "[Students] should buy one if they want to give a nice no...