Muslim Misconceptions: Different People; One Faith

By Fatima Farha and Hafsa Wahid

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The main misconception and stereotype students face as young Muslims adults in Niles West is that all Muslims are the same. Even though Muslims are very lucky as Niles West students to be in a school as diverse as Niles West, there are still some ignorant remarks many of us have to listen to when we present ourselves as Muslims. We constantly hear remarks that generalize all Muslims as Hijabi women or bearded men, or as Arabs and South-Asians.

But to generalize a mass population of Muslims into simply two categories is ridiculous and unfair. Islam is not a religion which can simply be divided into two groups. There are many different Muslims from many different places all around the world.

The main goal of the column and film is to break this common misconception and introduce all different kinds of Muslims. This will hopefully bring the real face of Islam and Muslims to everyone.ย  In the film a total of 12 Muslims were interviewed varying from Arabs to Filipinos to just Americans. Each Muslim expressed his or her own way of understanding the religion, how they practice their religion, and how they feel about the many teachings of their religion.

The following people were interviewed in the package: sophomores Rahim Amlani, Armeen Sayani, Hameenah Williams, Aldiana Zahirovic, Sarah Al-Asali, juniors Samama Mahmud, Talha Ahmed, Lyba Zia, Zarin Sultana, Froilan Usman, senior Emina Djelovic, and special education teacher Doug Williams.

Video by Fatima Farha, Hafsa Wahid, and Fariha Waheed.