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Students in computer science will have the option of taking Cybersecurity next year.

Darius Alasu: Code Master

February 16, 2018

Junior Fatima Farha on islam.

Anti-Islam Video Hurts

September 21, 2012

Being a Christian: It’s Not All Flowers and Rainbows

By Alyssa Guzman

June 5, 2012

Earlier this year, my English teacher, Ms. Michele Hettinger, had us emulate one of Walt Whitman's poems. She told us that emulation is the sincerest form of flattery, so I've decided to emulate Isabelle Davis' column on being an at...

I Swear I’m not a Devil Worshipper: Being an Atheist

By Isabelle Davis

May 31, 2012

Let's get this out of the way right now: I am an atheist. Atheism (n): The theory or belief that a god does not exist. Unlike traditional religions, Atheism can be defined in one sentence, yet much like traditional religions ...

Muslim Misconceptions: Different People; One Faith

By Fatima Farha and Hafsa Wahid

May 25, 2012

[media id=206] The main misconception and stereotype students face as young Muslims adults in Niles West is that all Muslims are the same. Even though Muslims are very lucky as Niles West students to be in a school as divers...

UPDATE: ‘It Gets Better’ for LGBTQ Youth

By Isabelle Davis

April 30, 2012

This past weekend Fox News and other big media sources have picked up on this particular Dan Savage speech and the students who walked out.  They have made claims that "over a hundred students walked out" and have accused Savage o...

Q. & A. with Hebrew Club

By Gabrielle Abesamis

February 21, 2012

To celebrate the second week of International Week, NWN sat down with Hebrew Club board junior Jackie Yablon to talk about their religion and language. NWN: What is your favorite thing about your religion? Yablon: Probably the fact that it's like other religions, but at the same...