Dance Marathon to be Held Saturday

By Mara Shapiro

Photo by Amy ChowDance Marathon will be holding its annual dance Saturday, May 26 from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Niles West.

Dance Marathon decided last year that its benefactors would be Special Gifts Theatre and Niles Township Foundation for Excellence.  Dancers needed to raise $100, Morale Captains $150, and Executives $300 in order to enjoy a “free” dance and get a free T-shirt.  Niles West works with Niles North to accomplish Dance Marathon.

Student Activities Director and Dance Marathon sponsor Jessica Ogulnik feels that students should attend because of all the fun ammenties that comes with helping out a charity.

“Students should attend in order to spend time with their peers, learn more about a charity, make a difference in their community, as well as just have fun!  We will have dancing, food, games, sports, a bouncy house and so much more!” Ogulnik says.

Students who didn’t raise the minimum amounts can go to the dance, but the price is  $7 per hour and $12 for power hour, which  is 11 p.m. to 12 a.m.  Food will be served, including items from various pizza places, Superdawg, bagels, pasta, salads, and more.

Junior Executive Basia Gawin thinks that students should attend because the dance being held at West this year, and because of the good cause the dance benefits.

“Everyone should come to Dance Marathon because it’s going to be awesome! It’s at West this year so I’m hoping to see more West people show up. Also, don’t forget what you’re dancing for. Special Gifts Theatre is an amazing charity! Come see and celebrate what you have worked for all year. It’s going to be a blast!” Gawin says

Senior Executive Maria Dekhtyar agrees with Gawin.

“DM is an unforgettable experience. Everyone should come, have fun, and dance. This is an organization that raises money for a good cause, and it is so rewarding to celebrate all of the hard work at the end of the year!”

Last year’s Dance Marathon raised $85,603 for Refugee One.