Lee Hits Personal Best at State Final Tournament


By Ivana Kosir

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After a poor shot and the golf ball rolling down towards the pathway, it looked as if  St. Viator’s Hudson Luthringshausen’s  chance of scoring well at this hole was over. Yet, junior Nate Lee didn’t think so. Going out of his way to point out a decent angle to his competition, Lee conversed briefly with Luthringshausen before heading towards his own ball. It’s times like these when you wonder what he was thinking, but his good sportsmanship didn’t affect his game; Lee finished in the top 25 out of 112 golfers in the state final tournament this weekend.

After competing at the state level for the third consecutive year, Lee’s standing improved from 93rd place two years ago and 87th last year.

“I played alright. It was my best performance so far, so it’s okay,” said Lee.

Taking the weather conditions into consideration, coach Mitch Stern was pleased with Lee’s performance.

“Conditions-wise, it was very windy, it was cold in the morning, but it’s the best he’s ever done here. That was one of the goals- to play better than he’s ever played here before, and he did it,” said Stern.

The tournament was regularly scheduled as a two-day event, but for reasons of inclimate weather, the second day was cancelled. Lee finished the 18-hole course with a score of 78, just six strokes over par.