Grow Up, Niles West


By Mara Shapiro

10th Period Editor Mara Shapiro on lack or respect at assemblies.
10th Period Editor Mara Shapiro on lack or respect at assemblies.

I love pep assemblies. I like shortened periods, sitting with my friends, and watching my classmates being recognized or performing. What I didn’t like was the utter lack of respect shown at last Friday’s assembly. It was disgusting and it made me ashamed to call myself a Wolf.

Okay, fine, there were sound issues with the microphones.  Does that give the senior and junior classes the right to be so loud that it drowns out everything said on the gym floor? When principal Kaine Osburn announced the NWN’s very own Gabby Abesamis for her nationally recognized article, I couldn’t hear a thing. Yes, of course clap like crazy for her, but when your principal speaks, give him respect.

More importantly, when he is discussing a national tragedy, the Newtown shootings, just shut up. That people were speaking during this part of the assembly appalls me. Kindergartners and first graders lost their lives. They’ll never know a high school pep assembly. Could people not just keep their mouths quiet?

Let’s not forget the disrespect shown towards West alumnus and World Series Champion George Kontos. We probably left him with a negative impression of the current West student body. There was no reason to still be talking while he was addressing everyone.

Next, the “spirit” shown by the classes of 2013 and 2014 was unsafe and downright obnoxious. Stop screaming ’13 and ’14 at one another, we all get it. I’m not saying to ban this tradition, but it gets old, and it should definitely not be done during videos, performances, or if anyone is speaking. Then, people decided to crowd surf. You have got to be kidding me. We aren’t at a concert. It’s distracting everyone from the assembly. It’s rude. And it’s dangerous. The administration doesn’t want us to do that sort of thing, not because they’re mean or boring, but because it’s a safety issue. The crowd surfer could fall on top of people, or somehow injure himself or those around him. Let’s be mature and not do that for the spring assembly, and let’s not applaud those who get sent down to the dean’s for being disruptive.

Lastly, why bring toilet paper, silly string, and glitter? It’s rude to throw that stuff at people. No one wants silly string in their hair. The main issue is that it’s not fair for Student Government to clean the messes up. Think what you want about the organization, but they do work hard to put on these assemblies. Show them common courtesy and leave all that stuff at home, because we all know you won’t be the one to clean it up.

Overall, the school spirit shown at assemblies is getting out of hand. Come on, seniors. Be the leaders of the school. Set good examples for the sophomores and freshmen. At least half of the class is legal adults; it’s time to act like it. I hope that when the spring assembly rolls around, it will be treated with the respect it deserves.