Brummitt Titled Defenseman of the Year


By Mara Shapiro

Junior Nighthawks player  Nick Brummitt has been named the Defenseman of the Year  in the ISHL North Central League Hull East JV Division.

Brummitt beat out players from the whole Hull East JV division, including those from Maine South and Evanston Township. The award was based off of statistics and points earned while playing during the Nighthawks’ winter season.

Assistant Nighthawks coach Kevin Kruszynski believes that Brummitt has grown as a player and leader on the ice.

“His enthusiasm and persistence for the game has helped him ‘see the ice better.’  In other words, his decision making skills have advanced to the point where we can rely on him to be in position, get the puck out of our zone, and make the smart play,” Kruszynski said via email.   “His physical presence has really started to show towards the end of the season, which contributes to his successes.  We will continue to look at Brumm for his leadership and passion for the game (which is apparent by his attendance to practices and games, persistent efforts in practices and games,and overall composure of sportsmanship).”

Senior Nighthawks captain Nick Clark agrees with Kruszynski.

“I think it’s great Nick was named Defenseman of the Year. He really deserved it; he had grown into a solid D-man by the end of the year, and is sure to lead the team to the post season next year. Our team had a dominant defense, and he was definitely a major part of its success,” Clark said.

Brummitt was surprised when he found out the news.

“At first, I was actually really surprised. I felt I had a good season this year, but I didn’t know it was that great. But I know I have to thank my line mate Nick Clark who helped me get the award by his help in the games and in practice. I also felt very accomplished and proud to be recognized for this great award,” Brummitt said.

Clark believes that support should continue for Brummitt and the Nighthawks during their spring season.

“Make sure to come out and watch Nick and the rest of the Nighthawks this spring at the Skokie Skatium,” Clark said.

Kruszynski agrees with Clark.

“As long as Nick continues to be passionate about playing the game and remembers to stay on his feet, keep his feet moving, keep his head on a swivel, get his stick in passing lanes, play the body, and make smart decisions… he may end up receiving another award next season,” Kruszynski said.