2013 Boys’ Soccer Preview

2013 Boys' Soccer Preview

By Danny Thompson

Following a disappointing 3-13-3 season marked by the loss of key midfielder Robert Ljubic to a torn MCL, the Wolves have high expectations for the coming year.  As the team gets ready to play their second game of the year, the NWN talked with head coach Scott Ackman to get the scoop.

NWN: What can you take away from Monday’s game?

Ackman: We made a lot of mistakes. We’ve got a lot of young guys out there and it was their first varsity game. It’s mistakes they won’t be making anymore once they see the film and understand.

NWN: With Robert Ljubic coming back, are expectations any higher?

Ackman: Definitely. He was a huge loss last year. We expect him to be a big pick me up.

NWN: What improvements have you seen so far over last season?

Ackman: They’re better. We have more experienced soccer players out there. They were in the weight room in the offseason so they’re bigger and more physical. They’re really gelling together too.

NWN: How does your squad stack up against the rest of the conference?

Ackman: We’re young, but the summer helped us gain experience. The rest of the conference is solid, but we played a lot of them in summer and did well.

NWN: Who’s keeper this season?

Ackman: Carlos Lome. He’s a freshman. He came in as our starter. We’ve been working with him since 6th grade through our feeder teams. He’s a big physical presence out there.

NWN: What else should fans look out for?

Ackman: Exciting soccer. Close games. Once we break out offensively it should be pretty fun. We need to push in our third, and we’re a good defensive team.