78 Seniors Inducted into National Honor Society

By Ena Sarancic

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The National Honor Society Induction Ceremony was held last night  in the Robert L. Johnson Auditorium. 78 Niles West seniors were inducted into this society.

The choir preformed for the staff, family members, and inductees to begin the ceremony. Principal Jason Ness provided a remark that inspired all of the members which was followed by a NHS speech by the president Sherlina Chauhan. Teacher Ryan Geu was announced the 2014-2015 National Honor Society Inspirational Teacher and provided the audience with a final speech. Sherlina Chauhan, Shireen Husmai, Jessica Klier, and George Tripkos presented the inductees. The night ended with all of the inductees lighting a candle and a recitation of the NHS pledge which was led by Sherlina Chauhan.

Students inducted into National Honor Society are: Scott Albaum, Sabreen Ali, Diana Badasyan, Kabya Bastola, Rebekah Bender, Cassie Bergman, Michelle Berkovich, Mira Berkson, Rita Carmona, Bernard Chan, Shavina Chau, Sherlina Chauhan, Cindy Chen, Mark Chen, Nadiya Choi, Dalton Crutchfield, Katherine De Lara, Emily Duong, Andre Eramia, Bradley Erickson, Shun Ganas, Jenish Gandhi, Alyssa Marie Gayapa, Jeena George, Jordan Goldberg, Brenda Guan, Gabriella Guerra, Sydney Hamamoto, Amna Haque, Rebecca Harbeck, Brian Ho, Shireen Husami, Ida Jacob, Charanya Nair Jeyasigan, Vincent Kabat, Samina Kassam, Marukh Khalid, Imran Khan, Susie Kim, Jessica Klier, Paul Kundzicz, Audrey Lee, Matthew Lefler, Andrea Limbrunner, Walter Lindwall, Juliana Liscio, Christian Marin, Anne McCarthy, James McLellan, Haley Melnick, Christopher Millan, Mohit Monga, Kayla Mullarkey, Stephanie Nahhas, Josef Narcisa, Quinn Nguyen, Errol Pasia, Grace Park, Lucy Rees, Reyvin Reyes, Alexander Rodrigues, Jesse Sacks, Allison Salter, Jeremy Sands, Ena Sarancic, Julia Sarata, Olivia Schmidt, Samuel Seo, Samuel Shemroske, Kevin Shin, Sonali Soni, Veronika Sostaric, Emily Stangel, Catherine Steegmueller, Daniel Studer, George Tripkos, Peter Yim, and Max Yusim.

Daniel Gin, co-sponsor of NHS, believed the ceremony was a memborable one.

“It felt great seeing 78 Niles West seniors being inducted. It was a wonderful way to acknowledge the accomplishments that these inductees have acquired over the past four years. It was very rewarding to honor these students,” Gin said.