2015 Girls Tennis Preview


By Cameron Cassidy

It’s the beginning of the school year which means that all fall sports will be starting a new season. This year the NWN staff got a chance to talk to head coach of the girls varsity tennis team, George Bravos, and below is what we discussed.
NWN: Who are some key players for this years team?
Coach George Bravos: It is difficult for a coach to answer this question. All of the players in tennis are important because each match counts towards the final score. You can win a match when all doubles teams win and all singles teams lose, or you can win when all singles teams win in addition to just one of the four doubles teams. If you are asking which tennis players are our most talented, then Eliza Kirov and Anna Chlopecki are just two names that come to mind. They currently are our top two singles players and spend the most time practicing their skills. Eliza started playing when she was just 5 years old and was a state qualifier her freshmen year.
NWN: What are some goals that you want to see the girls achieve this season as a team?
Bravos: I would like our players to place the team before themselves. If this happens, we will play better and will have a great season. We want to win more games than we lose and qualify two teams or more to the state tournament. We also want to win our tournament and finish in the top four of the CSL South.
NWN: What should the girls do to prepare for a successful season?
Bravos: Preparation usually happens in the off-season. In order for us to compete, our players must make a commitment to off-season conditioning, healthy lifestyle habits, pay for expensive private lessons from a tennis pro and participate in summer camps.
NWN: Are there any important matches or tournaments you are looking forward to this season?
Bravos: This past weekend we were supposed to host an 8 team tournament, but due to rain we will have to reschedule. Teams will include Leyden, Lane Tech, Antioch, Plainfield Central, North Shore Country Day, Resurrection, and Timothy Christian. We finished 2nd last year by one point
NWN: What is your favorite part about coaching the team?
Bravos: I’m most pleased when someone who has never played tennis learns the game and then does well. It is a sport that they can then play the rest of their lives.
The girls hope to have a successful season and are off to a good start. Hopefully they will be able to better their record from last season and we will see them compete in conference later this year! Come out and support the girls after school on Thursday, September 17 at Niles West.