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Octavius Parker II: Basketball Sensation


Octavius Parker II, a junior at Niles West, has been considered one of the most prominent class of 2017 athletic players; capturing the attention of colleges such as Purdue, the University of Illinois, Depaul, and other schools all over the nation.

NWN: When did you begin playing basketball and why?

Parker: I started playing basketball competitively when I was in kindergarten. I started playing AAU (travel basketball team), and it was just something I wanted to do, it just runs through the family. Sports just run through the family.


NWN: How were your experiences playing AAU?

Parker: It was tough because I always played up, so playing with older kids always gave me a little bit of problem. They’re always faster and stronger, so I just had to figure out how to adjust.


NWN: Who is your main inspiration?

Parker: Definitely my dad. My dad is my hardest worker, he’s always trying to make me better and make sure I’m getting better. Whether it’s playing basketball or in the weight room, it’s always something.


NWN: Do you define basketball as your life?

Parker: I pretty much define basketball as my life. If I’m not doing anything else besides sitting around the house, I’m playing basketball. I might every once and awhile hang out with a friend, but basketball is my main focus.


NWN: You have caught the attention of many colleges. Does that encourage you to have more confidence or does it play a part in more pressure?

Parker: Both, you have to bring your top game every night no matter who you’re up against. But, I like it. It pushes me everyday.


NWN: Do you hope to continue basketball after high school?

Parker: Yeah, I definitely want to play college basketball and get a full scholarship, so my parents don’t have to pay anything. I also want to continue on either in the NBA or overseas. If I do anything, I want to be a professional.

NWN: What is your motivation to continue basketball past college?

Parker:  I play for fun, but I also play because I want to get my mom out of where she’s living in the city. I want my brothers and my sister to have fun. I want them to be able to go on vacations and do things I wasn’t able to do. I just want to help my family out.

How significant is basketball to your life?

Parker: Basketball is definitely what I want to do, all day, everyday.


Parker is currently ranked 12 in state, he is motivated to climb to the top and pursue his basketball career. Keep an eye out for big things to come from Octavius Parker II.

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