Boy’s Varsity Basketball Update


By Shannon McHugh

As the Boy’s Varsity Basketball season comes to a close, they have been fortunate enough to have had this year filled with growth and being able to rise to challenges.

With their record currently 9-11, this young varsity team has taken day by day practices to heart with only four games left in the normal season. Being such a young squad, head coach Bob Williams has been working with the boys on their mental game as well.

“We have made great strides in being consistent with our effort. We have learned to make our best effort on a consistent basis in order to give ourselves the best chance of being successful. This takes a very mature approach as a competitor and our players are rising to that challenge. Because of this, we have become better defensively each week and are playing more as a team both offensively and defensively. This habit of mind has been the source of both our biggest challenges and our biggest successes,” Williams said. 

With a stronger mental game, our Wolves have been able to execute smarter shots with a new natural instinct.

“Specifically basketball-wise, we have improved our shot selection on offense and are applying great pressure on defense without allowing easy baskets,” Williams added.
With what the boys have been able to pick up this season skill wise mentally and physically, they were able to accomplish one of the biggest feats.
“The highlight of the season was definitely us getting a big win against Maine South. We haven’t beaten them in a long time, so having that win really gave us some momentum,”  junior Octavius Parker said.
They take on Glenbrook South this Friday, Feb. 5 at 7 pm at GBS. Make sure to come out and support our boys and help them bring home a W!