West Hosts “You Make a Difference Breakfast” for Faculty


By Adisa Ozegovic

The biannual “You Make a Difference” breakfast for faculty members was held on Wednesday, Nov. 2 in the student commons.

The event first began taking place when a student suggested that students should nominate teachers as well. Previously, the breakfast was solely held to honor students.

“The breakfast for staff goes back to when a student had the suggestion,” coordinator Judy Wheatman said. “She came to the secretary who was here before me and said, ‘We have it for the students, why can’t the students nominate the staff?’ and that was how it all started.”

According to Wheatman, the event is a positive way to make teachers aware of the impact they have on students.

“It reassures [teachers] that whatever they’re doing is getting through to the students,” Wheatman said. “There was a young lady that gave such an eloquent speech as far as being able to nominate staff members. It was very nice.”

One student, junior Francis Matias, nominated the secretary of student services, Chantel Hubbell, for being encouraging and understanding to students who walk into student services,

“Student services has always been the safest place in the school for me,” Matias said. “Since freshman year, Hubbell has always made sure I got the space support I needed to get through days when I’m not feeling my best.”

Hubbell feels honored to have this award because it pleases her that students are able to speak with her and be completely confident with her.

“It makes me feel really good [to get this nomination], because I’m the first person that people come in contact with when they come to the student services office to talk to someone, either a social worker or psychologist,” Hubbell said. “I’m just glad that everyone feels comfortable with coming in and talking to me; I’m glad that I’m someone they can be comfortable around.”

Along with Hubbell, the faculty members that were also honored were:

Matthew Weatherington, Matthew Hunter, Deanna Sortino, Susan Johnson, Luisa Karimighovanloo, Kaitlin Romanchuk, Jayson Foster, Dana DesJardins, Phyllis Coleman, Daniel Kosiba, Dena Lichterman, Thomas Jodelka, David Malatesta, Colleen Gogerty, Lia Sosa, Bill Papaioannou, Adrian Batista, Laura Gorski, David Klingenberger, Julia Bromberg, and Tasha Nemo.

Another breakfast will be held in the springtime for both staff and students. If you are interested in nominating your teacher, you must fill out the form emailed by Wheatman to all students.