Niles West News

Cell Phone Policy Receives Mixed Reviews

By Hafsa Wahid

February 22, 2012

After about six months of testing the new cell phone policy, both positive and negative effects around the school have been experienced. Some teachers like English teacher Sharon Swanson believes that it doesn't make a big difference whether students are on their phones or not. "Students walk down th...

N.A.R.W.H.A.L.S: Saving the Environment One Tree at a Time

By Angie Barnas and Milana Pehar

November 9, 2011

Is the restoration of natural areas important to you? The N.A.R.W.H.A.L.S. club is all about restoring the natural environment and helping out all living species. Restoration work, plant monitoring, and frog monitoring is a big part of...

TH.N.A.R.W.H.A.L.S. Offers Volunteer Opportunity

By Gabrielle Abesamis

October 6, 2011

Biology teacher Thomas Jodelka and his TH.N.A.R.W.H.A.L.S. environmentalist club (THrough Natural Areas Restoration We Help All Living Species) are scheduled to host an Environmental Service Day on three sites along the North Branch of the Chicago River on Saturday, Oct. 8 . According to Jodelka, 60...