Feeder Community Raises Money for Hurricane Victims

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Feeder Community Raises Money for Hurricane Victims

By Grace Geraghty, Editor in Chief

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The Niles West feeder community of Lincolnwood is launching a fundraising effort to raise money for victims of the recent hurricanes. The effort began Monday, Sept. 11 and will conclude on Thursday, Sept. 14, hopefully meeting the goal of raising $74,000 in 74 hours.

The fundraiser is a joint effort on behalf of the Lincolnwood Public Library, the Village of Lincolnwood, and Lincolnwood School District 74, which feeds into Niles West, and highlights the community’s goal of connecting its members. 

“The school district received a request from the mayor’s office to collaborate on this important initiative. In fact, this fundraiser represents several parts of the village coming together to raise money for an important cause,” district 74 school board president Scott Anderson said. “Much like our recent solar eclipse viewing party that brought over 1000 community members to our campus, through this effort, we are linking our current students and families with those of generations past.”

Lincolnwood mayor Barry Bass explained that the fundraiser was inspired by the spirit of community that flourished after the terrorist attacks of Nov. 11, 2001. 

“We also have the opportunity to emulate what we saw with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, and right now, the acts by private citizens who have stepped up for strangers because it is the right thing to,” Bass said. “In Lincolnwood, we should learn from the terrorism [of 9/11] and take care of each other in our trying times, because that’s the true meaning of community. We have differences, but at the end of the day we come together as a village and step up for each other.”

Former Lincolnwood School District 74 students are proud of the actions their former community is taking to assist. 

“I think it’s great that my old school district is doing something that matters,” senior and alumna Emily Duong. “I’m really proud of my old school district for exposing younger children to the rest of the world and its problems.”

“It’s really great that Lincolnwood is having a fundraiser; it’s a great way to teach kids how big of an impact the hurricanes really had on people and make them more socially aware,” senior and alumna Ellena Boudouvas said. 

Those who wish to donate can do so here, with all donations going directly to the American Red Cross on behalf of the Lincolnwood community. Donations can also be made in person at the library or school district buildings.