Regular Coca-Cola Sells Big

By Jeremiah Stymacks

December 13, 2010

Senior Andrew Reman is known as the Coke dealer. He has been selling regular Coca-Cola as a fundraiser for Japanese club, making $15 a day in profit. Student demand of this sugary drink has grown exponentially since Niles West reformed its cafeteria and degraded the selection to all diet ...

Candy Land, a.k.a Niles West

By Ivana Kosir

December 6, 2010

If you walk down one long corridor of Niles West during a passing period, it would be really difficult not to pass up someone selling some kind of sweet, highly processed, sugar-filled product that we all like to call candy. My point is this: candy is ubiquitous at Niles West. We sell it...

Dance Marathon Fundraiser Tomorrow at Noodles and Company

By Maggie Wibright

November 23, 2010

Come help support the Dance Marathon Fundraiser by eating at Noodles and Company (5681 West Touhy Ave.) after the boys' basketball tournament on Wednesday, Nov. 24 . This year, Dance Marathon has selected to support RefugeeOne....