Darius Alasu: Code Master


Students in computer science will have the option of taking Cybersecurity next year.

By Isabella Gil, Social Media Editor

Have you ever wanted to be able to create apps, make a computer follow your commands, or even just know how to use a computer better? Senior Darius Alasu knows how to do all that and more. Alasu is a quiet guy who keeps to himself when you first encounter him, but once you get to know him you uncover a code master.

Alasu did not gain his nickname, “Code Master Darius,” overnight. He started his coding journey with humble beginnings -aka the basics of the complicated coding world. He began with basic Intro to Engineering courses his freshmen year and slowly began challenging himself with different courses, eventually leading to his newly discovered passion for Computer Science.

“Sophomore year, I started to take Engineering classes that had coding involved, but it wasn’t until my junior year that I took flight and took AP Computer Science and Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Currently, I am in app development; it is the last of the coding classes, and I love it. I have made various different programs that include a wide range of things,” Alasu said.

The feeling Alasu gets when he codes is unparalleled by anything else. The hard work and dedication he puts into his coding is worth it at the end when he sees his final masterpiece. The process of creation in Java, a computer science language, is unlike anything else because coders have the ability and freedom to create a project in many different forms.

“My favorite thing about coding is the fact that there are so many different ways to make one thing. Like if you need a job done for a program, there is not one specific way to do it. You are allowed to use your creativity and brains to create an authentic piece of code that will fulfill the task,” Alasu said.

You can catch Alasu in the computer room everyday second period working on one of his many coding projects. His projects range from the simplest works of code to the most intricate and complicated.

“Currently I am creating an app in app development class. Aside from school projects, I like to work on my own personal projects at home,” he said.

Not only is he known for his talent with Java, but he is also a soccer star on Niles West’s varsity team. Alasu has been playing soccer as long as he can remember. The love he has for Java is not nearly as passionate as his first love, soccer.

“I have played for the Niles West’s soccer team for many years, and it was a great experience. I’m going to miss my soccer family when I graduate in the spring,” he said.

Aside from him balancing his coding life along with soccer and school, Alasu is also an active member in his church; he is known for his dedication to his religion and church.

“Darius is probably one of my favorite people at West by far because I appreciate and admire how he is studious and religious at the same time. He is not afraid to be himself, which is something that is rare nowadays,” senior Lisa Jahjah said.

When someone mentions the name “Darius,” it is not unusual to hear people praising him for his charming personality. Alasu is known for being a great friend and person to anyone he encounters and famous in a way for his friendship.

“I have been friends with Darius ever since elementary school, and he is honestly one of the nicest guys I know. He’s a great friend to have, and we both bond over coding because we are master coders. I used to help him with his projects when he was just learning Java, and it’s crazy how far he has gotten,” senio Dennis Angelov said.

Alasu is planning to continue coding in the future and is going to study Computer Science in college.