Leader of the Pack Voting Hack

By Mike McKay, Staff Writer

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Although the initial response to the “Athlete of the Month” story was strong, voting has been suspended due to a hack.

Unfortunately, the April Boys Athlete of the Month poll has been hacked and voting is skewed. With over 27,000 page views and over 18,000 votes, a winner cannot be determined fairly.

The NWN apologizes for the inconvenience to the athletes that were selected and the coaches, teammates, family, and friends of the selected athletes. We will be changing the Athlete of the Month polling system to ensure that future polls will not be hacked.

With this being said, the polls have been closed for voting until further notice. Thank you to everyone who voted sincerely but there will be no winner for the 2018 April Boys Athlete of the Month.

Contributions made by Christina Lappas

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