Whimsical Winter Fashion


By Christina Lappas, Editor-In-Chief

The most wonderful time of year has quickly approached as the snow trickles down from the sky and the temperature hits freezing. With that comes the inevitable fashion trends that whisk away person after person.

A must-have for this season is a thick, chunky sweater. With the temperatures steadily decreasing, the thickness of a sweater like this is essential. Sweaters can be paired with jeans or leggings — either would look equally as fashionable. These sweaters can be found at most retail stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Nordstrom.

Another fantastic winter investment would be a good pair of boots. There are a wide variety of winter boots but for winter, specifically, snow boots are a necessity. Due to the amount of snow that tends to fall in Chicago, snow boots are needed in order to trudge through the winter season with warm feet. These can be found at most shoe stores or at Dicks.

Scarfs are also another element of fashion that keeps you warm while keeping you stylish. Scarfs can range from thin, cotton scarfs to thick, knit-wool scarfs. They can dress up a basic outfit while offering a glimpse of warmth that is often difficult to find during winter. The thicker scarfs are bound to keep you warmer but sometimes the look of the thinner scarf is worth embracing the chill. These can typically be found at Target or Charlotte Russe.

Gloves have the ability to warm your hands so luckily they are worming their way back into being on-trend. Although this part of fashion tends to be overlooked and they honestly should not be. It is such a commonality that throughout winter your hands are going to get cold so why not grab some gloves and cover those bad boys up. These can be found at Target.

A fun part of fashion that many people currently love is vests. They are incredibly on trend right now as well as incredibly versatile. There are can be paired with almost any top and pair of pants. Vests offer a fashionable look while being comfortable. Although they are not necessarily an article of clothing that keeps you warm, they still look great. These can usually be found at North Face, Dicks, or Dry Goods.

Overall any of these fashion items are especially trendy and fashionable. They can be found at a majority of the local retail stores for an often reasonable price. Wear any of these things and you’re bound to have a spectacular winter.