Follow Up On Mia Cejovic The Three Sport Star


By John Przekota, Staff Writer

After three years of being involved in sports here at West, senior Mia Cejovic is ready to start her senior year strong. Cejovic is a three-sport star in soccer, basketball, and volleyball. “Every season and every sport I get to play for Niles West I take as an amazing opportunity. I have been extremely blessed my last four years here because I have been able to represent my school through so many different platforms,” Cejovic said. Being able to represent your school through various extracurricular activities is an honor which many people take a lot of pride in,  such as Cejovic.  Cejovic gets to be a part of a sport here at West three times a year. Cejovic has been killing the sports game even since 2019, when NWN wrote a feature on her regarding her soccer success.

Many students and staff are inspired by Cejovic and her compassion for her extracurriculars. “First off, Mia is a three-sport Varsity athlete which is a rarity these days.  Besides being exceptionally athletic in all three sports, she is a great leader and a consistent source of positive energy.  Mia also is a beast in the weight room and does an amazing job helping out younger athletes.” Niles West’s strength coach Thomas Dellota said. Being a constant source of good energy for a team is key to a team’s success in a season because there can be many ups and downs. Keeping this great energy throughout one season is hard, however Cejovic is able to bring on the team spirit for three different seasons.
Soccer Coach Arturo Villamil believes Cejovic is a great example of what an athlete should be. “What stands out is her ability to bring a team together. She wants nothing but the best for the team. What stands out to me is that she is just a really good kid. She is a great student and athlete. I am happy she is a part of our team and represents Niles West,” While Cejovic is a great and versatile athlete, she also manages to put her schoolwork first and be a great role model at Niles West for other students and teachers,” Villamil said.
Being not only a student, but a student athlete is a huge role that several students take on at West. The fact that Cejovic is able to manage several sports on a varsity team is incredibly impressive.
Cejovic shows many that being a three-sport athlete and a star at all three of the sports is possible if you are willing to put the work in. “It’s the most simple and natural thing I’ve ever done. Wolves volleyball, basketball, and soccer have provided me with my own high school dream,” Cejovic said, as her high school dream became a reality for her.