Is The World Cup Watch Party A Score?


By John Przekota, Staff Writer

With one of the biggest sporting events in the world taking place this month, Niles West administration started a watch party for the World Cup. This may be the biggest World Cup yet with Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo saying this will be their last.

It’s an enjoyable event for many so far, “What I enjoy about the watch parties is that people get together to watch the beautiful game. It doesn’t matter if you like soccer or not it just brings people together and makes it a good time,” Junior Rayan Rahmani said.

When going to the watch parties you can see people who have never talked or done anything related to soccer come together to watch and support their country.

Students were motivated to watch the World Cup Live, so many of them asked Dean Cesar Rosales for permission to watch the game,  “Dean Rosales came to me and said his old school had TVs in their lunch room. Multiple students have come up to him and asked if we could do something with the World Cup and I thought we had the resources to make it happen,” Director of Student Services Sarah Struebing said.

Lots of students are happy with the decision to start the watch parties, they get to connect with some people they didn’t know by rooting for the same country. “We have such a worldly foundation here,” Rosales said.

With such a diverse population at this school, there are definitely a lot of people rooting for their own country. “This may be a little biased because I’m Moroccan but I think Morocco has a real shot at winning the World Cup. We tied Croatia and beat Belgium, who is ranked 2nd in the World right now. Morocco looks unbeatable right now after beating Spain in penalties and being able to hold them to zero goals,” Rosales said.

Many opinions are roaming around the school about whos going to win it all, “I think Brazil is taking it home.” Rahmani said.

Brazil has been one of the fan favorites going into the World Cup and has maintained through in the games so far. After destroying South Korea in the round of 16, scoring four goals in the first half, Brazil looks unbeatable right now.

With these watch parties being such a hit with all of the students and staff we hope to see them return later on in the next World Cups or even during March Madness.