Junior Mina Hossdini and sophomore Pia Mendoza present designs created by senior Gabriel Daoud.

Student-Models Walk Down The Runway at The Niles West Fashion Show

May 9, 2023

Fashion classes at West hosted a student-produced fashion show in the Black Box Theater on May 2. A total of 81 student-made pieces were modeled and made by students in Fashion 1, Fashion 2 and Fashion Studio courses.  It took place after school at 7 PM, so anyone was able to come.

“This show was all about the fashion students and what they create and what they’re proud of. That’s the most important part of the show. We worked so hard all year long just to have this one fashion show around what we want to show off and celebrate,” junior Brianna Wellington said.

In the fashion room, students design clothes and outfits by stitching, serging and cutting fabric. They built pieces that fit into the following categories: casual wear, athletic wear, pajamas and formal wear. Although most of the garments were made throughout the entire school year, fashion students started planning the show at the beginning of this semester. They prepared their outfits, put them into a lineup order and found people to model their clothes, or model their own pieces.

As the show date came closer, students promoted the event by releasing information about it and creating posters that were hung around the school. A lot of dedication went into this year’s fashion show and students were proud of their work.

The extensive model casting process started in February. When making clothes, students created clothes that fit themselves. When finding an outside model, fashion students had worked alongside their models to make clothes that they looked and felt good wearing. Modeling was open to any students from any school year.

“I [was] most excited to see the clothes I created being modeled by my classmates and friends, and I [was] also excited to model the clothes I made as well,” sophomore Ross Martchev said.

This year, students went above and beyond to produce the show. Since the school was still recovering from being online last year, students were really able to make this year’s fashion show their own without the stress of COVID restrictions.

“One of my favorite parts was coming back to school [the day after] and being able to talk about the fashion show and really watching them make it happen,” fashion teacher Michelle Kline said.

Huge applause to Mrs. Kline and all the fashion students, the Niles West community is excited to see what’s in store for next year!

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