Niles West News

New School Calendar Still a Possibility

By Athena E. Hilentzaris

November 1, 2012

Since the beginning of  the 2012-2013 school year, students and teachers have been referring to an early start date for the following school year. Assistant principal Kendall Griffin said, however, it's only a possibility that might be appli...

Birthday Locker Decorations Tampered With

By Mara Shapiro

June 7, 2012

Most teenagers look forward to their birthdays. 16 means license, and 18 means legalization. But there is more to numbers, balloons, and cake for a high school student; there are also birthday decorations! Typically (espec...

Dance Marathon Raises $84,909.82 for Special Gifts Theatre

By Mara Shapiro

May 29, 2012

Dance Marathon raised $84,909.82 for Special Gifts Theatre  at their annual dance from 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. Saturday, May 26 at Niles West. This marks the tenth anniversary of Dance Marathon at District 219. The total made over these 10 years is $546,909. Various chariti...

Mosque Burned Down in Belgium, Niles West Reacts

By Hafsa Wahid

April 3, 2012

Muslims all around the world are labeled as violent people who have no moral values. Osama bin Laden and all other Muslim terrorists are seen as the representers of the peaceful and loving religion, Islam. When on the other...

Science Olympiad to Partake in First Invitational of the Year

By Mara Shapiro

December 9, 2011

Science Olympiad is scheduled to participate in their first invitational of the year, the Hinsdale Invitational,  Saturday, Dec. 10 at Hinsdale High School. Science Olympiad at Niles West was started in 1994 by Science teachers El...