Club Suggestions Needed!

By Mara Shapiro

10th Period Editor Mara Shapiro on the need for club suggestions.

Hello, Niles West! As the 10th Period Editor, I strive to profile as many different clubs as possible in order to show how mulit-dimentional our school is. However, my staff and I need help. We really need suggestions for clubs to profile.

The 10th Period section has done profiles on clubs such as S.A.V.E, Rock and Roll, Master Jedi Sci Fi Club, and many cultural clubs as well. By showcasing details of the clubs, we try to get more students involved. What better way than to live vicariously by reading a reinactment of one meeting of a club that you are considering? But, in order to remember all the wonderful clubs we have to offer, someone needs to alert us to cover the club! We try to brainstorm as much as possible, but it can be difficult to decide which clubs to write stories on. In fact, GCSI and Gardening Clubs’ profiles were emailed in. If put down suggestions in our drop box, we will gladly cover your club.

There are some minor prerequisites in order to start reporting. The club needs to be fully established, meaning it has been approved by Student Activities Director Jessica Ogulnik and has an adult sponsor. The second prerequisite is that the club needs to meet pretty consistently so that we can cover it relatively quickly, and if there are scheduling conflicts, can resume reporting in a short time span. Overall, we want 10th Period to be well-rounded and an enjoyable section of the Niles West News.