Put on Your Glasses; 3D is Coming

By Ivana Kosir

I can understand why many people don’t like 3D movies. The glasses look ridiculous and are uncomfortable. People complain that 3D movies give them headaches that not only hurt but ultimately distract them from the movie. Furthermore, 3D movies are about 40% more expensive than 2D movies.

Despite common belief, 3D movies are more than silly-looking, head-throbbing, overpriced experiences; they are the thing of the future.

Within the last nine years, 3D movies have evolved tremendously. One of the first 3D movies targeted to our generation was Spy Kids 3-d: Game Over. The glasses were made of flimsy cardboard with one lense that was blue and the other that was red. The movie was interrupted with slides directing viewers to “Put your 3D glasses on now”. The headaches were horrible, and the 3D visuals were nothing to really brag about.

Now though, things are totally different. I have never experienced a headache with the new plastic glasses, whose frames that are actually in style now. But far more important is the quality of the movie with 3D, which is undeniably better.

When we hear 3D, we automatically think of things popping out at us. However, in recent years, I’ve come to notice that 3D movies offer as much depth as they do ‘popping’, for lack of a better term. Suddenly, movies offer more entertainment through visuals then ever before. It is so much harder to lose focus when being constantly mesmerized by the stunning scenery or fantastic color that seem so real. Vieweres get sucked into the story like never before, and it truly is something that everyone must see.

What is even more awesome is that these changes happened within a decade. Imagine where technology is going to take us in another 10, 15 years. 3D TVs are already on the market, but the trend hasn’t really caught on, I would say because of the poor quality of it. But that’s not to say that it won’t improve. Look at where movies have gone in less than a decade. There is no doubt that films are headed into the 3D realm. Disney is now re-releasing many of their classic films in 3D, such as Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Finding Nemo. While some films are great in 3D (Lion King), others aren’t as inspiring (Beauty and the Beast). I would have to say though, the most influential, successful, and enjoyable movie to watch in 3D was James Cameron’s Titanic (if you haven’t seen it yet, I would highly recommend it). All of the elements of the classic film were emphasized by the 3D, and it created a greater masterpiece than it already was.

While 3D may be giving you a headache, it will improve, and quickly. Get used to 3D because sooner than later, it will replace 2D films. Just like other technological advancements in human history, 3D entertainment is the thing of the future, and it should be embraced and welcomed.