Now’s the Perfect Time to Join Clubs!

Now's the Perfect Time to Join Clubs!

By Mara Shapiro

When school starts at the end of August, it can be overwhelming deciding which clubs and activities to join. If you are in a fall sport, you really don’t have much time to figure out what you’re going to participate in once your season ends. However, I think the best time to join a club is right around the beginning of October.

What do clubs really do the first time they meet? The answer typically is not much. Yes, it’s nice seeing who is considering joining and you are establishing your own interests, but what happens after that first meeting is the majority of these people drop. Why? Two reasons could be that the sponsor is giving information that the student doesn’t like, or it just seems boring. Of course the first meeting is going to be boring! The sponsor just wants to see if he will even be able to host a club based on that first turnout in the beginning. If a student waits until the first couple of meetings have passed, the members should all be keeping up the appeal of the club. Plus, the number of members should grow, and maybe that nice girl in your math class decided to join, so now you have a friend! As for the sponsor somehow deterring you from the club, for example, telling you that the club will meet every week for two hours after school, that can easily change. Think of it as the way teachers present themselves the first day of school. They say something along the lines of”quizzes will be every week” or “I check notes once a week and I thoroughly look over them” and then none of these things come true.

It is extremely important to join activities. They will allow you to bond with teachers and students, you can rise in the ranks, they give you a sense of purpose, and they’re fantastic for college apps! Nothing gives a student greater satisfaction when a college application asks for your clubs and your positions you hold in them. It gives you a great feeling of accomplishment, trust me. Plus, you all need to start early! Second semester of senior year isn’t very impressive. Second semester of freshman year sounds so much better. So check out the 10th Period list, talk to friends and teachers, visit Student Activities Director Jessica Ogulnik in the Student Commons, or email me at [email protected] I would be happy to help you find the perfect clubs for you!