Truth is…Stop.

By Ivana Kosir

I admit… these Facebook status games need to stop. Truth is… I admit… and Inbox me a number all have one thing in common: to get more ‘Likes’ from friends. Why has this new fad to get ‘Likes’ spread all across Facebook? Does getting more ‘Likes’ think you’re cooler or more popular than anyone else? No, it’s just dumb.

Facebook is a social networking site as most of you already know. It is not a site that gives rewards for getting a certain number of ‘Likes’, and the ‘Like’ button is definitely not the main attraction of Facebook. So why are so many people infatuated with getting ‘Likes’ on their profiles?

Sure, it may give some self-esteem, but enough of it to make you want to spend hours replying to all of the ‘Likes’?

Not only do the status-gamers spend countless minutes trying to reply to everybody that ‘Liked’ their status, but now they have to do whatever the status says they will. Yeah…. Okay. People can write whatever they want and call it the ‘truth’, but in between those two people, they know better than that. To test it out, I ‘Liked’ a few statuses to see what people who I don’t talk to every day would say. After reading the message they posted on my wall, I laughed. They wrote things like, “I wish we could hang out more often” or “I love your eyes” or something along those cliché lines. The things that people write as the ‘truth’ aren’t always ‘the truth’, and the fact that it’s not ‘the truth’ defeats the purpose of the entire status-gaming system.

My friend knew that I thought the status games were dumb, so she deliberately set my status as Truth is… Within minutes I had five or six likes. Once I noticed what she did, I though I’d try to respond to a few of them. The first one I replied to was a good friend, and even what I wrote to her wasn’t completely ‘the truth’. After the second one I was so bored and tired with it that I just stopped replying, and I’m grateful I have the capacity to analyze and distribute my time wisely.

To this day, I am still trying to figure out why anyone would willingly spend hours on Facebook responding to people you never met before and telling them the ‘truth’ when both people (the “Like’er and the status-gamer) know that the entire thing is bogus. I don’t know, it beats me.