Meet Me in a Minute: Mike Gonzales

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Meet Me in a Minute: Mike Gonzales

By Merrill Miller

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Above is a recording of Gonzales performing “Harry Potter Spells that Sound Like Infectious Diseases.”

Many people know Mike Gonzales for his obscure, humorous personality that can make a room erupt in laughter. Almost all of his friends will agree with the fact that Gonzales is a class clown and always tries to put a smile on someone else’s face. When asked what he would do during an alien invasion, Gonzales responded, “I would get on a magic carpet, go to Dick’s Sporting Goods, stock up on guns, fly to Madagascar, tame a lion, get on it’s back, give it robot powers, and then conquer the alien army.” This was basically Gonzales in a sentence.

Everyone wants to make a final impact during their last year of high school. We all want to be remembered for something incredible, something that we created from our own imagination, and something we put our all into.  Gonzales has achieved this goal by doing something a little different. He became the senior class poet and put his underlying thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper for the whole school to see. As the class poet, he will be reciting a poem at the class of 2013’s graduation for all of his peers and teachers to hear and appreciate.

After high school, Gonzales plans on majoring in creative writing.

“I got into Oxford and Cambridge, but I think Oakton is the place that I want to go. But, in all seriousness, I’m going to University of Iowa because they have a great creative writing program there,” he said.

During his four years at Niles West, Gonzales formed great relationships with the teachers who have helped him develop his writing style.

“[Gonzales] said at one point that he wanted to be the poet of Skokie, and I think he is. He found his voice early. It may be one of the things he’s worked most on. He gets very deep into his feelings in his poetry and I think it’s a brave thing to do,” English teacher and organizer of the class poet selection Dana DesJardin said.

Paul Bellwoar, another English teacher and sponsor of Poetry Slam, said, “I love Gonzo. I heart Gonzo. I think that he’s an important member of the Slam Team and he will be missed after he graduates.”

As we can all see, Gonzales is going to go far in life. His creative side is definitely in tact and his imagination is still that of a fifth grader, which in his case is his forte. For the rest of the year, Gonzales plans to “go hard and finish watching How I Met Your Mother. I also want to lose three pounds because of Mean Girls.”