2016 Girls Varsity Softball Preview


The Girls Varsity Softball team huddles before the start of the 1st inning.

By Sana Kadir

The Softball team this year is looking to be promising as ever with a well seasoned roster. Coach Nicole Reynolds, head varsity softball coach, helped give us some insight on what to expect for the upcoming season.

Q: What are some goals for the upcoming season?

A: Some goals we have are to play as hard as we can, get as many wins as possible, play as hard as we can, work together as a team, and do a good job on all three cylinders which is hitting, pitching, and backing each other up as much as possible.

Q: What are some difficulties you might face this year?

A: We lost our starting pitcher, junior Hope Cherian, to an injury, and so although we do have good pitching to back her up it’s tough when you lose your number 1 returning pitcher from last year.

Q: What are some strengths you see this team has?

A: We have pretty decent hitters. We also have 11 returning players from last year. We did a nice job hitting last year and we’re going to continue that this year. We also have a solid group of girls who really care about playing the sport and love having fun and winning.

Q: Why should people come out to the softball games?

A: When people come out, they’re going to see a good hard working group that’s very spirited. We’re going to have some good hits, good plays, and have fun on the field. Softball is a great game to watch and even greater when you understand what’s going on.

Q: What game are you most excited about the most this season?

A: Always the Niles North game. It’s always a heated battle. It’s also a game to raise awareness for Ovarian Cancer, so we try to collect and donate some money. That game and a lot of conference games are really fun.