Bears Surprise in Season Opener

By Nick Goldwyn

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You know the feeling when you jump into a cold pool on a hot summer’s day? That sudden unexpected feeling of relief and bewilderment, well, that is the feeling that millions of Bears fans across the world felt on Sunday afternoon. Why? Because the offense, a sign of concern in years passed finally showed up for a game, and the Bears demolished the Falcons 30 to 12.

By now we all know what happened, the Bears ripped apart the Falcons defense, with big play after big play after big play. The game started off with a field goal for the Bears, and I began to have flashbacks to last season, where drive after drive would end with either a three in out and a punt, or a long field goal.

And then it happened, a short screen pass on the right side of the field with the game tied at three. Matt Forte, the Bears running back caught the screen pass and turned up field, he ran down the sideline dodging Falcons defenders left and right and breaking tackle after tackle. He ran the ball 56 yards for a score, and in that instant I realized why I always love to watch the Bears; they’re exciting.

I know we haven’t seen it a lot on offense in the last couple of years, what with the defense creating most of the exciting plays, but both sides of the ball showed up on Sunday. And for the first time in years Both the offense and the defense clicked. The D forced two fumbles (one of which Brian Urlacher ran in for a touchdown), and an interception on Sunday, and seemed to be making big play after big play.

As for the offense, I know last year I said I wanted to fire Mike Martz, but frankly after watching the offensive masterpiece that was Sunday’s game I couldn’t tell you why. Cutler threw for 289 yards in the game and Forte (and the rest of the running backs) tacked on 88 running yards. But the most important offensive stat? The Bears scored three touchdowns in the game, and I cant remember the last time the offense scored multiple touchdowns in a game.

The Offense was explosive but not everything was perfect about the game, the offense stalled on a couple of drives, fumbled the ball three times, and was technically out gained by the Falcons. The defense was great, but the “contain the offense” “bend not break” defense prevents the big play but doesn’t stifle defenses as well as it used to.

That being said the game was exhilarating, exciting, and bewildering, no Bears fan, me included thought that we would play as well as we did, in the first game of the season none the less. The offense couldn’t be stopped, the defense contributed big play after big play at crucial moments, and the special teams finally got something right by putting Devin Hester in to return punts and Kickoffs (finally Hester doing what he does best). All in all the game was great, and with the way we played I cant wait for next Sunday against the Saints.