Christina’s Steps to Confidence: She’s Humble

By Christina Lappas, Editor-in-Chief

Confidence and modesty, two unimaginably difficult traits to attain in which I hope to have. After another long year of being me, I have grown a bit wiser and it would just be rude of me to not share my pivotal discoveries with the world — or more realistically, the viewers of this website.

Ever since I wrote my last article regarding confidence, it’s almost as if from that moment on my ego slowly but surely descended. Although this could seem like an astronomical issue to some, it’s for the better. But don’t fret, I still have a 720-day Snapchat streak with myself and I send myself the occasional chat. There is no purpose in this, it will most likely not boost your ego, it is just something I like to do, for myself.

A year ago I was my own home-screen on my phone as well as my own wallpaper on my laptop. I can assure you all that that is a thing of the past, for now. My wallpaper on my laptop will most likely never go back to being a solo picture of myself, but my phone on the other hand… that’s where I get stuck. It is possible that in the near future my home screen will regress to a silly picture of myself. I said my ego was decreasing, not gone.

Christina’s Snapchat streak with herself as of 2/2/19.

Another thing that I have truly grasped this past year is that nobody is superior to anybody. We are all placed onto this Earth as equals. The first mistake someone can make is when they think they’re automatically superior to not even everyone, but just someone. That thought process will get you nowhere and I believe it is a way to deflect from an underlying issue, but I am just a high-school senior, not a doctor.

Stemming from my last piece regarding this topic, I have grown. With that being said, I still genuinely love myself and am infatuated with myself. Any mirror I pass, I turn and look… at myself. Most negative comments made toward me or about me I brush off. There is nobody that can take away your love for yourself. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

I will put forth an effort to continue my Snapchat streak with myself, I will probably revert my home-screen back to a picture of myself, and I will love myself endlessly. But, I am not an egotistical maniac!

I’ll leave you with one piece of actual advice: self-reflect.