More Bad News Bears

By Nick Goldwyn

Let’s start with a recap of the past, at this point last year, I wrote a blog preeching to the choir of bears fans to fire Mike Martz. Almost a year later, my message hasn’t changed, but I have broadened the list of people I think the bears should fire. After last weeks humiliating preformance against the Lions (let me reitorate we lost to THE LIONS!!!!), I have come to the conclusion that for the Bears to have any hope moving forward we must scrap the coaches and start fresh. That means Lovie Smith, Martz, and the source of all evil, Jerry Angelo, need to go.

Lets start with the obvious, the bears are undisciplined. I have never seen a game in which a team went over 100 penality yards (14 penalties for 104 yards against the Lions). Discipline begins with the coaches, yet Lovie seems to have no control over his players. Yes, the noise at Ford Field probably contributed to the penalties, but Lovie has never raised his voice above a whisper, so a disciplinary he is not. With that in mind, he must either turn it around, or go, enough said.

On to Mike Martz, I know I said this last year, in big bold letters as the title for my blog, but my views haven’t changed; Martz should be fired, now! It seems pretty simple to me that our quarterback can’t complete passes from his back, but to Martz keeping quarterback Jay Cutler upward is the least of his worries. Martz has started this season the same way he started last, making Cutler take long drops, sending his recievers on extremely complex routes, and passing a lot. Stated simply, I can’t stand it. We play Carolina, run for over two hundred yards, win, and what does Martz do in our next game? Makes Cutler pass the ball to a loss. If Martz can’t change his “greatest show on turf” system to fit Chicago’s run first, Matt Forte centered offense, then the only option is to fire him as well.

All the blame shouldnt fall on the coaches though, the players should take some of the responsibility as well. The Bears’ “bend not break” defense that almost never gave up a big play before this season is looking disheartened, and as showcased by the Lions more susceptible to the big play then ever.

This shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone, but I’m not a big fan of the Bears offensive line. As Mr. Conroy said in a comment on my Mike Martz story last year, “the Bears’ O-line is truly atrocious. Wisconsin (as in U. of) has better pass blockers.” I didn’t think much about it last year, but after seeing Cutler picking himself up from the Ford Field turf over and over again, I can’t help but agree. Now, who am I holding accountable for the atrocious O-Line? Jerry Angelo, of course. As our general manager, he needs to be the person filling the gaps we have on our team through trades, free agents, and the drafts, but instead he has left our biggest gap, on the offensive line unfilled. Thus, he needs to be the third person in the trifecta of people to go.

I know this entire article has sounded negative, but there are a couple bright spots I see for the Bears. I know after the NFC title game last year I was the biggest hater on Cutler, saying that he was weak, and that he should’ve stayed in the game, but after him seeing him make amazing plays for completions against the Lions, and get hit over and over again, I can no longer question his toughness.  And finally, the biggest brightspot in the Bears is, of course, Matt Forte. Not since O.J Simpson has one single player been over 50% of a teams yards, but Forte this season has been an amazing 51% of our yards, and about 70% of our plays. He is an amazing running back,  basically our entire offense, and one of the only reasons I still watch the Bears.

So, maybe the Bears have quite a bit of work to do still, but at least there’s still a little bit of hope.