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March Madness a Little Too Mad

By Nick Goldwyn

March 23, 2011

VCU? REALLY? The team that barely got into the NCAA tournament at all, just killed my bracket, really? If you haven't been paying any attention to this year's tournament, then you probably have never heard of VCU, or know anything about their run in the tournament so far. If you are one of the people I just described,...

It’s Almost Friday, Friday

By Ivana Kosir

March 17, 2011

I hope my Fri-day, Fri-day,which comes after Thursday and before Saturday and Sunday (who knew?), isn't anything close to Rebecca Black's. On March 14, 2011, Black, who is 13 years old,  released the song "Friday" as a single on iTunes. Yes, a song as horrible as this can be purchased....

The 8 Simple Steps To Forgetting That Unforgettable Guy

By Colene Gibson

March 14, 2011

Every girl has that one guy she just can’t seem to get over.  Whether it was an untimely break up or the loss of a first love, we all have one.  No matter how we got there, we just need to figure out how to get past that guy.  That’s where things get tricky, but if you follow the steps ...

It’s Fun to be a “Gleek”

By Maggie Wibright

March 8, 2011

Television has developed a lot throughout the years. We have shows from Modern Family, to Dog the Bounty Hunter, to even a little hit wonder known as the Jersey Shore (trashy, yet hilarious). But the oh-so-special TV show that ...

Stop the Flirtlocker(ing)

By Breana Brill

March 3, 2011

Hey Guys, This one is not just for the freshmen. Just a few days ago, I had a few people come up to me asking if I’ve checked out this new website called Flirtlocker. I honestly had no idea what that was, and at first I actually thought it was a dating w...

The Top Ten Things the Faculty Need to Realize about Students

By Colene Gibson

March 3, 2011

`Of course we always hear from our teachers and our parents about “back in the day,” but it’d be a lot easier if they just realized 10 simple things about us first.  Rather than talking to us about how we feel about thin...

Journey Has a Long Way to Go

By Ivana Kosir

February 18, 2011

"The storm is passing over!" was repetitively sung at Journey's "Gospel Choir Jam" session on Friday. I think I can safely say that many students could relate to the storm as Journey at the end of the third session. All week, students have been complaining about Journey and how it would ...

My Plea to the School Board: Make Us Want to Learn

By Rozy Kanjee

February 18, 2011

By now, everyone knows about the School Board's decision to let go of 10 tenured teachers. TEN. Teachers who have impacted students' lives, teachers who have gone beyond the call of duty, teachers who have helped change lives are being let go. The Board has its reasons (and I'm positive in...

Love in High School

By Colene Gibson

February 11, 2011

Question: Is it possible to fall in love in high school? In my opinion, the answer to the question depends on the person. It’s possible that someone you meet in high school could end up as your spouse or as some might say, your s...

Freshman Blogger Seeks Ideas

By Breana Brill

February 9, 2011

Dear Freshman Class of 2014: I have a problem and I think you may be able to help me fix it. So I’ve come down with a case of “Writer's Block." Hopefully, some of you know what I’m talking about; but if you don’t, it's basically something every wri...

Not as Lucky as We Thought

By Ivana Kosir

February 8, 2011

After a three-day week last week, most of us here at Niles West are dreading this week, especially since Friday was a more relaxed day than usual. There are no scheduled late starts or days off, and there are a whole bunch of projects, quizzes, and tests this week that were pushed back from...

The Alumni Blog: The Teaching (of) Superman

By Mike Czajkowski

February 4, 2011

This past semester I took the penultimate step in an education that Niles West started for me: I student taught high school English. I worked at the Literacy Center in its infant years, and ever since then I have wanted to teach. A specific moment jumps out to me every time I reflect o...