Deciding Your College Major

Deciding Your College Major

February 25, 2014

Paying For College: Oh God.

Paying For College: Oh God.

February 27, 2013

Committee Studies School-Day Schedule

By Ivana Kosir

September 19, 2011

A School Day Study Committee consisting of parents, teachers, students, and administrators has been assembled to study various school day schedules and possibly change Niles West's schedule for the 2012-2013 school year. The...

No Texting During School? As if.

By Isabelle Davis

May 11, 2011

Students’ cell phones must be off and put away from 8:10 to 3:23 when they are in school. So states the almighty rule that hardly anybody follows. Phones are not going to be put away, much less turned off at any time, and that includes school hours.  We have phones and we hav...

Friday: The Best Way to Ruin a Great Week

By Ivana Kosir

April 25, 2011

After three weeks of school with nothing but a late start and one day off, this week seems like a gift from the heavens: Wednesday and Thursday are testing days and/or no school days depending on your grade.  We only have two consecutive days of class instruction (Monday and Tuesday), and ...

The Top Ten Things the Faculty Need to Realize about Students

By Colene Gibson

March 3, 2011

`Of course we always hear from our teachers and our parents about “back in the day,” but it’d be a lot easier if they just realized 10 simple things about us first.  Rather than talking to us about how we feel about thin...

Journey Has a Long Way to Go

By Ivana Kosir

February 18, 2011

"The storm is passing over!" was repetitively sung at Journey's "Gospel Choir Jam" session on Friday. I think I can safely say that many students could relate to the storm as Journey at the end of the third session. All week, students have been complaining about Journey and how it would ...

Not as Lucky as We Thought

By Ivana Kosir

February 8, 2011

After a three-day week last week, most of us here at Niles West are dreading this week, especially since Friday was a more relaxed day than usual. There are no scheduled late starts or days off, and there are a whole bunch of projects, quizzes, and tests this week that were pushed back from...