Why We Shouldn’t Have Started School Early

By Mario Ljubic

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I’m guessing you’re sitting there reading this right now, bringing your attention to the fact that I must have been in class to be assigned this piece to write. Therefore, school is now in session. Sucks, right? With the start of school earlier on the calendar, our summer was shortened.

Not only are people like me and you upset over this, but any fall sport athlete must be furious as their season is cut by at least two weeks! Being a fall athlete myself, you’re damn right I’m pissed off. Coaches as well as many affected athletes are upset with the change in school year because unlike previous years, this summer consisted of a limited preseason. Usual summers are composed of a camp in the early half, and a rigorous two to three weeks of training to get ready for the season. This year, that last half was non-existent.

Senior co-captain of the varsity soccer team, Edgar Rodriguez, tells about how missing that last half of summer training can make or break a team.

“Most schools don’t start until the end of August, so they have at least two more weeks to train before they start their season,” he said. “I think it’s just unfair because now we have to put in double the work in half the time.”

Close at hand, all fall teams are greatly affected by this change, making it even harder for them to prepare for their upcoming seasons.

Seniors have their fair share of complaining to do as well due to the fact that they will be in school this year the same amount of days as all the other students. Every year, being a senior is such a reward. It’s an awesome feeling being top dog. With that comes privilege, the privilege of getting out of school a bit earlier than the other students, giving seniors a nice break before graduation and a head start to their summer. Instead of seniors finishing school June 6, like everybody else last year, they actually finished May 23, earlier than the rest of West — something seniors won’t be doing this year because our last day is the same as everyone else: May 21.

Furious with the change, senior Harry Barone shares his opinion.

“I’ve been looking forward to senior year,” he said. “I don’t like school, but if I have to be here then being a senior is the best way to do it. Now being a senior isn’t even special anymore.”

In addition, weather in August is actual summer weather, so getting out in May does no one any good. The board might justify its decision of change with saying, “You guys will be out earlier, in May!” when in reality, that does us no good because May is not summer weather; August is. Seniors in the past could have enjoyed May and August weather, but now the school is stuck with May; it’s ridiculous.

If I were you, I’d join myself, start a petition, call a rally, make trouble when I can or complain to someone who cares. Honestly, the right words to the right people (administration, the district board) can make a huge difference. I won’t be here next year, so what happens then does not concern me. But for the sake of the underclassmen, say something, this needs to be changed!