Niles West News

UPDATE: Bomb Threat Alerts West

By Ivana Kosir

November 26, 2012

Last week's bomb threat forced security measures to be taken in case of a bombing, but no new information is available. At this point, the bomb is not credible, and the building is thought to be safe and secure, according to principal Kaine Osburn. "We followed securit...

Niles West Responds to BombThreat

By Ivana Kosir

October 5, 2011

Niles West security received a call on Tuesday, Oct. 4 from a "Frank Anderson" who claimed that persons unknown would bomb a "Niles" school. Principal Kaine Osburn and the security team are collaborating to heighten securit...

Study Hall: Does Anyone Actually Study?

By Isabelle Davis

April 20, 2011

Anyone who’s had a study hall knows that the rules are a bit ridiculous.  When I was a freshman we had the study halls in detention rooms and we weren’t allowed to talk, just listen to our iPods and go on the not-so great netbooks.  Now, I’ve gradua...