Q & A with Qur’an Study

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Photo by Hafsa Wahid

To continue the celebration of cultures in this year’s International Week, NWN sat down with sophomore and president of Qur’an Study, Rahim Amlani, sophomore and representative Hirrah Khatri to talk about their Islamic faith and culture.

Part four of six interviews celebrating International Weeks.

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NWN: What are you most proud about your religion?

Amlani: Well what I really like  about my religion, Islam, is that it teaches me to treat everyone nicely and equally. It guides me to do right and to stay away from doing wrong.

NWN: What is you least favorite thing about your religion?

Amlani: The least favorite is that of  some people treat Muslims nowadays, especially how Islam is being accused of terrorism and how it’s negatively shown in the media.

NWN: What is your favorite meal?

Amlani: I would say my favorite is Haleem. It’s is a Pakistani dish made of lentils, beef, spices, and whole wheat grain.

NWN: What is a common stereotype about your religion?

Amlani: Besides one of the biggest stereotypes, the one about being a terrorist, I’ve often heard that Muslims are cheap. The cheap thing is not true for me to the extent that I dont spend money on useless things, and I’m thankful for what I have.