The Republican Party: The True Story

By Justin Sia

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Senior Justin Sia on the Republican Party

Being a proud Republican is not easy in the state of Illinois.  This is especially at Niles West High School, where students proudly proclaim that they prefer the party with the donkey without any real knowledge of exactly what values the Republican Party hold. When you approach the average student at Niles West and ask a question about the Republican Party, odds are you’ll get a puzzled look or perhaps a rude, uncalled-for remark about Sarah Palin or George W. Bush. One reason for this lack of knowledge in the GOP is because we’re surrounded by pro-Democrat ideas and biased media.

It’s about time that someone shows the real side of the Republican Party (and not what someone hears from his mommy or MSNBC). I’m not writing this article to promote Mitt Romney or even to respond to someone’s views about issues regarding public schooling and college tuition; my goal is to simply give you the truth about what the Republican Party stands for.

A phrase that floats around the GOP during election season is “less government.” Although this does not describe the entire GOP, it sums up what actions we have to take in order to fulfill their greater goal: each individual is able to retain their rights. When the U.S. gained its independence from Britain in 1776, the Founding Fathers agreed that controlling government was not the way to go.  The US had just won their independence from a country built on a government that had done just that.

The Constitution identifies the limitations of the government and highlights the fact that every individual citizen is entitled to certain rights that the government can not infringe on. The Democratic Party generally seeks more control in the government than the GOP. Republicans believe that with less government control over the citizens, the people can live the actual definition of freedom, which is what our Founding Fathers wanted in the first place.

With less government power comes more power for the public. This pillar of the Republican Party is important and links other values that they have as well.

What exactly is “less government”? One way of reducing power from the national government is giving more power to local governments, such as state and city. This can be done by giving each state the freedom to spend money as they wish, on whatever they need and want. The citizens would receive more power because it is easier to satisfy the wishes of people of a smaller community, rather than all citizens across the country.

A modern-day example of the struggle between less and more government is the conflict between the Catholic Church and the Obama Administration. In the Medicare reform bill, or Obamacare, there is a rule that requires all medical organizations to administer abortions and contraceptives, regardless of the beliefs of that group. This means that Catholic hospitals, who don’t believe abortions and contraceptives are acceptable, must provide those services against their will and must violate their own consciences. Horrible right? Not only is this morally wrong of the Obama Administration, but it also violates the Freedom of Religion in the Bill of Rights. It demonstrates how the government can get too powerful and force people against their will, which exactly what our Founding Fathers were afraid would happen.

If you’re voting in November, be conscious of who you’re voting for because things are not always what they seem. You never know exactly what you’re voting for if you don’t know both sides of the story.


28 Responses to “The Republican Party: The True Story”

  1. Dan Poskus on September 25th, 2012 9:39 am

    First off, this is more of a Tea Party article than a republican article considering the amount of times you referenced the founding fathers. This country was founded long ago and to be basing are government of precedents that were set in 1776 is ridiculous. Providing contraceptives doesn’t infringe on religious freedoms. The benefits it provides greatly overshadows the negatives that come with it. Pooling taxes would also be the better way to go because it creates a fairer distribution of tax money. I did laugh when you referenced MSNBS as liberal media. That’s funny considering the amount of lies and slander Fox posts on a daily basis.


    Former Student* Reply:

    Yes, you are correct. This is more of a Tea Party article but the Tea Party is kind of like a branch of the Republican Party so I think it counts as a Republican article.


    Patrick Liscio Reply:

    The statements made about the founding fathers in the article are pretty general, so while we are certainly not living in the same society as in 1776, the general philosophy that government should be limited would not necessarily change much over time. I’m not Christian, but I don’t see how you can deny that contraceptives and abortion directly contradict the religious ideologies supported by the church. The assertion that contraceptives and especially abortion do more good than harm is 1) predicated on what is clearly an opinion and 2) not for the government to decide at the expense of the church. While I do agree that many Fox News shows are biased toward conservative beliefs (a label that is often applied to some of Fox’s more unbiased news shows), it is also pretty clear that MSNBC shows a similar bias to the left, often on shows that they try to pass off as news. I would like to see some examples of the “lies and slander” you speak of, although I did appreciate the typo on MSNBC.


    Dan Poskus Reply: Have fun with that.
    Not lies in slander, but still…

    Sorry I misspelled MSNBC, I was in a hurry when I was typing that. Now I can I please have some examples of “shows that they try to pass off as news”?


    Michael Reply:

    Poskus, Patrick just owned you and you chose to defend your position with links to bogus websites run by nutjobs on the far left whose concerns are far from revealing any sort of truth…

    Justin Sia Reply:

    In a hurry? Well maybe Obama should’ve picked up the pace when he was trying to save this country, but no he didn’t help. Some can even argue that he worsened the country.

    Also, I appreciate the completely biased websites that you’ve shown me. They’re almost as great as watching MSNBS.

    You mad bro?

  2. Mr. Nortillo on September 25th, 2012 10:38 am

    It isn’t easy being a republican among the teachers either… 🙂


  3. Former Student* on September 25th, 2012 4:04 pm

    First of all, Fox News/Channel is the highest rated news organization which is blatantly Pro-Republican. Second, you should know that today’s Republican Party is a completely different party than the Republican Party during our founding fathers’ time. Third, lets just say that the Constitution is a little outdated in my opinion. There were reasons why the founding fathers put certain rights in the Constitution during that time. i.e. Right to bear arms.

    Lastly is Obamacare. Why do we even call it Obamacare…anyways? With contraception in mind, ‘Obamacare’ does require insurance companies to provide contraception for FREE. While RomneyCare in Massachusetts did not even mentioned it because the state already have a mandate for insurance companies to cover it but not for free so Romney dodged a bullet there.


    niles west student Reply:

    the constitution is the constitution, it is not oudated. if you don’t like the constitution then you can move to a different country.


    Caroline Reply:

    If you don’t like parts of the Constitution, it’s not necessary to move out of the U.S. If you can convince enough people to agree with you, you can start the amendment process. It’s a long process, but that prevents frivolous tinkering with the governing document.


  4. NW on September 25th, 2012 10:53 pm

    Issues that are most relevant to students include the affordability of a higher education. That’s something that needs to be addressed. Also, when “politically bias news” is mentioned, FOX News is the first to come to many people’s minds. Just thought you should know.

    Oh, and I can’t forget women’s rights. Just as it is wrong for Obama’s policies to force Catholic hospitals to provide contraceptives and abortion services, it is also wrong for Romney to throw planned parenthood under the bus.


  5. The Truth on September 27th, 2012 8:28 am

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Angered Student on September 27th, 2012 8:33 pm

    The tea party’s views are probably as far as you can get from the founding fathers. they thought that a world without religion would be awesome, they issued laws requiring companies to be in the public interest otherwise those companies would be shut down, now the republicans want to ban abortion because their religious views say so. that’s why the first amendment was created. people seem to forget that the founding fathers were more like hardcore democrats.


  7. Dustin Easter on September 27th, 2012 9:17 pm

    I’m not saying you’re wrong – I would never step on someone’s beliefs – but to assume that every Democrat at Niles West got their political views from their “mommy or MSNBC” is a bit insulting. I have a Democratic leaning but I didn’t just adopt it from my parents. I have a full understanding of both sides and I guarantee I am not the only person like this.


    Samir Reply:

    Don\’t underestimate the power of reiloign and money, both of which Mitt possesses. I hope your right too, the GOP needs some substance restored to the party. It\’s a shadow of its former self full of slogans and short on actions. A return to the basics is in order. Smaller, less intrusive government. Fiscal responsibility and the securing of our borders to show that republicans are indeed strong on national defense. Get out of the reiloign end and people\’s bedrooms and back to basics.


  8. Jack on September 27th, 2012 11:49 pm

    Thanks for the neat history lesson. That’s all well and good. Of course Republicans would want less government, they don’t need the government! Meanwhile, the majority of us, including (ironically) many low-income Southerners and rural people who are misled into voting Republican because of their conservative SOCIAL values, which stem from religion (ever heard of the separation of church and state? LOL but that’s besides the point), benefit greatly from “more government.” One recent example of what happens when “states’ rights” gets out of hand is the invasive ultrasound bill that passed in Virginia. So much for a woman’s right to choose.

    By the way, it would be helpful if you did a bit of fact-checking before making incorrect claims such as “there is a rule that requires all medical organizations to administer abortions and contraceptives.”

    If you want to show people “the real side of the story,” you’re gonna have to do better than that.


    oiuugi Reply:

    what do you mean by “they don’t need the government!”


  9. Nick Michalesko on September 28th, 2012 6:32 pm

    I don’t understand how the republican platform can preach a freer society and less government when they also outlaw abortion. If it were a truly libertarian, and free society, which you claim to accept as your own ideology, Justin, they would support the freedom of abortion. You cannot say “each individual is able to retain their rights” if they don’t have every right. Paul Ryan himself had voted for a bill disallowing abortions even in the case of the mother’s life being in jeopary. Furthermore, the GOP’s ideology this election season dictates that more money should be spent on defense, which is MORE government.


  10. Shana Nissan on September 29th, 2012 10:48 pm

    Commenting on abortion & contraceptives isn’t the most effective way to introduce Republican ideology. Those topics are contentious for religious reasons, not so much political.

    Government subsidies might be a better issue to detail since it often divides Republicans and Democrats.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad there’s someone who’s willing to speak on behalf of Niles West Republicans.


  11. Miranda on October 1st, 2012 9:45 pm

    This article should not be receiving this much slander, or hatred for that matter. Justin respectfully keeps opinion out of this article and sticks to the facts. Sure, the article itself is in favor of the Republican party, but that is simply because it is about the Republican party, and what the ideals of that political party is founded upon. It’s reciprocal to anybody writing about the Democratic side and the ideals they support, but keeping whether or not those ideals are good out of the question. In no way does any of the text attempt to coerce anyone to vote for Mitt Romney, or state whether he is the most agreeable candidate. It’s ok to disagree with someone, but when one’s political beliefs get in the way of determining whether or not this article is well written, or whether factual pieces of information is morally sound, then that is just disrespectful. External to the thesis of this article, Fox News its quite biased towards the conservative side of the spectrum; it’s common knowledge. But there are various news and media organizations that are just as biased towards liberals.
    TL;DR Feel free to have your own opinions about the election, but don’t use said political viewpoints for justification to beat down an article or someone else’s opinion -disrespect is not going to help one side win the election.


    Admittedly Democrat Reply:

    While I agree with your post and I do support everyone having their own opinion, I don’t agree with your statement that “Justin respectfully keeps opinion out of this article and sticks to the facts.” Justin seems to think that people are only democratic because of “what someone hears from his mommy or MSNBC,” which is certainly not respectful and definitely an opinion. And anyone who uses the sentence “Horrible, right?” is obviously inserting their opinion in their writing, even if it isnt preceded by the words “My opinion is that…”

    There were definitely better ways to express his republican views than that, and although it’s a good thing that someone is at least talking about a political view that is less common, it should always be a number one priority to respect others’ beliefs just as much as your own. This article fails to do that, especially when a variety of people felt disrespected.


  12. John on October 12th, 2012 11:58 pm

    Agreeing with ‘Admittedly Democratic’.

    Despite this article making an issue of out of the liberal media slandering the Republican Party, it takes plenty of shots back at liberals. Not all of us liberals are immoral kids who only hear things from their parents. My mother voted for McCain, I watch ABC News, not MSNBC, and I completely understand the Church feeling uncomfortable having to allow abortions… although I’m not entirely sure why they have issues with contraception and if somebody would KINDLY explain to me why that is, I’m sure it’s a sympathizable reason.

    “In the Medicare reform bill, or Obamacare, there is a rule that requires all medical organizations to administer abortions and contraceptives, regardless of the beliefs of that group.”

    Medicare reform bill? It’s called the Affordable Care Act and it’s intended to reform general health insurance, not solely medicare. The term Obamacare is a completely fair title, but it’s so overused people are forgetting what it really is.

    Like any article on politics, people are too focused on demonizing the opposing side and stressing their side as fair and true. I’m a liberal but at least I’ll admit the Democratic Party has plenty of flaws in itself, not try to justify everything by blaming the media.


  13. Reader on November 2nd, 2012 5:34 pm

    I understand that some people may be against abortion and birth control for themselves but I do not see the logic in preventing others from using these services just because you happen to disagree. Also, some Catholics do use birth control and birth control can be used for reasons other than contraception.


  14. This is a Democrat Speaking Oops on November 5th, 2012 2:58 am

    You make some good points, and it is important for people from our generation to be educated on what the Republican party entails as much of American youth adopts liberal identities without thinking or being aware of what that means.

    Rather than nitpick over some of your less fair comments (since everyone else has already gotten through those), I’m gonna talk about the broader implications of a government that does less and America actually kind of does need the increased regulation that the Democratic party would provide.

    (I would point out that the Republican party certainly seems intent on outlawing plenty of things itself which is also more government control. Gay marriage being one among many things the republican party would ban.)

    But sure, let’s say they really are straight up about less government interference.

    Well, here’s part of the problem with that. Less interference would be great… If we lived in a totally equal and fair to all meritocracy. A place where people could live their lives without discrimination. But we don’t. Just look at the achievement gap between kids who fall under the label white and those who fall under the label black. Do you think that gap exists because black students are inherently dumber than white students? No. It’s because black people were a highly oppressed (and still are in many many ways) group in America up until VERY RECENTLY.

    The way to close the achievement gap isn’t by sitting back and twiddling our thumbs. The fact of the matter is that our current institutions are not fair. They are not allowing everyone to reach their full potential. That needs to be changed with government intervention which you are far more likely to get from democrats.

    Likewise, there are other oppressed groups (minorities or otherwise) that need help. Women. LGBTQ. Hispanics. The elderly. And so on and so forth. Our society will not magically fix itself and give these people a fair chance. Legislation needs to be implemented to help America move towards being a truly fair system.

    That’s why you can’t sell the Republican party by saying “less control over our lives sounds good right?”. Because 1) Republicans do want to restrict and control aspects of our lives. And 2) less control is not necessarily something that would help.


  15. Jacob Levinson on December 6th, 2012 10:55 pm

    Justin this is a very well done article great job. I first would like to say how happy i am that more Republicans are now coming out. For many years stuck in the liberal public school system i thought i was one of few. You are 100% percent right that the catholic churches are being forced by obamacare to provide abortions and birth control. Many deomcrats will say well this is important so women can get the care they need. What drives me crazy is that they completely forget one of their biggest funders for the party is Planned Parenthood. If a woman wanted to she can walk in their and recieve birth control for FREE. what Obamacare is doing is attacking the religious freedons of the Catholic Church and influenceing their own secular views on this country. Also to answer anyones opinions of Fox news just relax. All of the media outlets are run by the liberal media and have been in Obama’s pocket for the past four years. Now yes its true that they appeal more to conservatives so who cares. Their the one news station that for the majority of the time has both Republican, and democrats debateing about serious issues. Lots of Fox News contributors are Democrats. MSNBC is however a very bad media outlet and I will not recomend to anyone to watch it.
    Now even has a Republican i truelly want my president to do a good job ,but currently he is not showing it. Currently he is holding the country hostage of going over the fiscal cliff unless he gets his way. Justin again you have written a efffective article, and i hope one day that when you run for office you keep your political beliefs , and make a difference.


  16. Jacob Levinson on December 6th, 2012 10:57 pm

    Sorry for some minor grammar errors i’m used to having spellcheck lol.


  17. Anon Republican on April 20th, 2013 10:22 am

    In response to some of what has been said so far, I think many people around here choose to be liberal because they are surrounded by it & get a much better idea of what liberals believe in.

    As a proud conservative, it sucks being around so many people who seem to have so much hatred against republicans. Yeah, republicans don’t support Obamacare because it’s a load of crap. The idea behind it is great, don’t get me wrong. I think healthcare should be more affordable and accessible, but not in a way that is oppressive. Democrats turn a blind eye to how truly socialist this system is. Why should Christian hospitals that don’t believe in contraceptives or abortion have to do those things? It doesn’t matter why they are against them, what matters is that they are, and considering that they are based in America, the country of FREEDOM, they should be able to practice however they would like, because freedom of religion is one of the founding ideals of this country. If you want an abortion or to get a prescription for birth control, then go to a hospital that can do those things for you. I think it’s completely wrong for the government to infringe on the rights of institutions and force them to go against their morals. And what about the tax hike that goes along with Obamacare? Because this new system doesn’t come cheap. So that tax hike that Obama promised wouldn’t happen? Yeah, you can forget about that.

    Republicans also believe in tax cuts for everyone. Do you guys have jobs? Because it’s pretty heartbreaking to see so much of your hard earned money go away to the government. Obviously taxes are a necessary part of running any country. But it doesn’t need to be so immense. There are multitudes of welfare programs out there for people in need and I completely support them.. But more often than not these programs get abused. I’ve seen this on twitter as something that was supposed to be “funny” about people wearing 200 dollar Jordan’s and having the new iPhone 5 but then using food stamps at the grocery store. How does that happen? Where is the regulation behind these programs? Clearly some change is in order because if so much of my money that I work for is going away to these programs, it better be going to people who actually need it. Have people personally meet with people who apply for welfare. This way they can evaluate if the need level is sufficient enough and also create tons of jobs. It would be better for everyone.

    And one last thing, earlier someone mentioned how the achievement gap between minority children and white children is so great because of the oppression of these children that was happening until recently.. Sorry but I don’t buy that. At all. The achievement gap is so great because those children were brought up in different ways. I have met plenty of minority students who are among the smartest in the whole school. This is because they recognized the importance of getting a good education and what that could mean for them in the long run. Every single child in the United States has access to schooling and to education. All they have to have is motivation and determination to learn and do well. All of the resources are available here. But most children don’t know that and never recognize what a good education can get you in this country.


  18. Anonymous on April 23rd, 2013 12:53 am

    This was a point-less article all it did was spark a debate that was not needed. Yes, their are democrats and republicans. But the bluntly saying it is hard to be a republican is just means for other “republicans” to agree and other kid “democrats” to disagree. I use quotes around “democrat” and “republican” because most kids just repeat what they hear from thier parnets. This is a prefect example of how politicians argue against each other and never really accomplish anything.


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