The Pros & Cons of the New Miley



Miley Cyrus attend the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at The Barclay Center in New York City, NY, Sunday, August 25, 2013. (Nancy Kaszerman/Zuma Press/MCT)

By Isabel Prale

Junior Isabel Prale on Miley Cyrus

Whether we are talking about her new music video “We Can’t Stop,” her performance at the Teen Choice Awards, or even her short new hairstyle, Miley Cyrus has definitely been on everyone’s minds lately.

I have been a fan of Miley since her show “Hannah Montana” came out when I was in the third grade, but her recent attitude toward everything lately is really problematic and disgusting. Now I know most of you think I’m going to rag on her new hair or make some snarky comment on how her new attitude but to be quite honest, I think her new look is awesome and the way she is so comfortable with herself and her body is admirable.

It makes me mad when I hear people say “Wow, Miley has sure changed. What happened to the sweet girl on Disney Channel?” I don’t understand why everyone thinks that every single child star that has been on channels like Disney or Nickelodeon will be some type of saint in their adult life. People always seem to forget that being on a TV show is a job, and actors are nothing like their characters in real life. Why do people call her trashy and washed up just because she wears crop tops? I think people need to take a step back and not slut shame for a moment, and realize that Miley has the right to put whatever she wants onto HER body.

Nevertheless, Miley has absolutely crossed the line with recent actions. For example, her pretty much constant cultural appropriation of twerking (and yes before you make some ignorant comment, twerking is an actual art form/form of dance, and has deeply historical and cultural roots and white people doing it is absolutely cultural appropriation). And when she was called out on this, Miley simply responded “Well I can twerk so..” and promptly laughed.

Not to mention her cultural appropriation of bindis, her sugar skull, dream catcher and her nazar eye tattoo. It makes me upset when I see someone like Miley, someone whom I’ve always looked up to, do these racist and problematic things. When people ask me, “Why would you still like her if you hate her actions?” I answer that not everyone is perfect. There probably was a time in your life where you said something racist, homophobic, etc. I think that you need to own up to your actions, apologize for them, and move on. So when you like a celebrity who has done problematic things, all you can really do is call them out on it and make sure you don’t copy their actions.

Is what Miley doing okay? No absolutely not. Am I going to call her out every time she does something racist? Yes. That’s what you should be doing instead of calling Miley a ‘slut’ because she grinded on Robin Thicke during a performance. Get that “Hannah Montana” image out of your head, and realize that Miley is like every other pop star now.