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Summer Reading Review of Shattering Glass

By Cody T. Inglesby

September 28, 2010

If anyone were to look back into his high school years, chances are he could remember who his good friends were, the students in each “clique,” and the in-school ranking systems of popularity. High school is a complete society within itself, and with all ...

Ga-Ga for Lady Gaga

By Maridsa Choute

September 19, 2010

Lady Gaga is a multi-platinum, out-of-this-world singer who is taking over the music industry. Just last week she won eight awards at the Video Music Awards on MTV hosted by the hilarious Chelsea Handler. Gaga took the title for Best Dance Video for "Bad Romance," Best Pop Video for "...

Summer Reading Review of Mister Pip

By Sheryl Cherian

September 19, 2010

Turn on CNN and you will see a world falling apart. Bombs everywhere and love nowhere; traditional values shatter and are lost. Sometimes, as rarely as it may occur, we find people who reinstall the hope that Anderson Cooper yanks away. People like these...

Inception Keeps Viewers Guessing

By Connie Lay-Ngo

September 19, 2010

What do you get when you mix The Matrix, Push, and psychology all in one action-packed film? Summer’s hit movie, Inception, a mind-blowing thriller that makes you really think while exciting you with the action-packed scenes. Directo...

Buffalo Wild Wings Proves to be Mouth-Watering Good

By Colene Gibson

September 19, 2010

As you walk through the two sets of double doors at Buffalo Wild Wings, 7020 Carpenter Road, you’ll come straight to an enthusiastic host just in front of the take-out counter with a long row of pictures of Buffalo Wild Wing’...