Top-10 Songs You’ve Gotta Download Now!

By Maggie Wibright

September 19, 2010

Music is the art of thinking with sounds-Jules Combarieu Music is bipolar. It goes from bubbly to sad to angry and back to bubbly again. I love how there is a song to fit every mood you have. This past decade America has bred the most random, diverse artists I think we’ve ever seen: Lady...

Ga-Ga for Lady Gaga

By Maridsa Choute

September 19, 2010

Lady Gaga is a multi-platinum, out-of-this-world singer who is taking over the music industry. Just last week she won eight awards at the Video Music Awards on MTV hosted by the hilarious Chelsea Handler. Gaga took the title for Best Dance Video for "Bad Romance," Best Pop Video for "...