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Teacher Appreciation Week Part 1: Thank You, Mr. Oddo

By Alyssa Guzman

May 7, 2012

Editor’s Note: In honor of teacher appreciation week, five NWN staff members have chosen a teacher to write about. These teachers have made an impact on our lives, and we would like to show them our appreciation. Look for more ar...

Teacher Appreciation Week Part 5: Thank You, Mrs. Kelsey

By Nick Goldwyn

May 13, 2011

It is the end of the day; the second floor classroom is dark. As we walk into the dark class, social studies teacher Janet Kelsey sits at the computer, putting the last touches on the PowerPoint she plans to show us, to accompany her lecture on the Cold War.  Immediately, I think: Yes, a lecture! ...

Scott Ackman Soars Both On and Off the Field

By Cheyenne Farrell

November 23, 2010

If you’ve seen him walking down the hall, it is implied in an instant that Social Studies teacher, Scott Ackman is a busy man. He always has a green, heavy-looking bag on his shoulder and a clear cup of Zen tea, with a Chicago Bears logo on the side, hastily walking back and...