Halloween Got Sexy

Halloween Got Sexy

By Danny Thompson


Editor’s Note: Originally published on Nov. 1, 2012, this column has been republished after being the most read story during the week of Halloween.  

Halloween used to be a holiday all about scaring, a holiday for kids to get dressed up as their favorite whatever and go get candy.  However, Halloween is now becoming just another party holiday.  There have always been Halloween parties, but the character of them is changing.  The point is no longer creativity.  The point is now to show the most skin to as many people as possible.

It starts with the costumes being sold.  Costumes being marketed at young adults and teenagers are meant to be sexual.  Go to any Halloween website or store, and you will find entire sections devoted to sexy costumes.

At Party City, for example, they sell costumes with names like “Sexy Nurse,” “Sexy Cop,” or “Sexy Fireman.”  This changes the culture of the holiday from one of trying to frighten someone to one of trying to accomplish a slightly different f-word.  At least we’re still giving out treats (in whatever form they may come in).

You would think that it’s extremely easy to get cold in fishnets when it’s 40 degrees outside.  But you’re not outside.  You’re at what used to be called a costume party.  Costume parties aren’t so much about the costume anymore.  They’re more about which one of the 10 sexy cops at the party would you most like to get “arrested” by or which male stripper has the least of his clothes left on.  For a certain demographic, Halloween means dressing as cat if you’re a girl or just taking your shirt off if you’re a guy.  There must be other things out there with the same amount of sex appeal.  Cats don’t even seem that sexy to me.  I have allergies.  For example, you could go as a nudist.  Just ditch the fish nets and you’re done!

Now, I’m not your mom, so I don’t really care what you do on Halloween. Halloween is a fun holiday for everyone, (besides those poor children in District 69) but fun can come in more ways than one.