A Democratic Perspective: Obama’s Re-election


Senior Dan Poskus on the government shutdown.

By Dan Poskus

President Barack Obama has been elected to two terms by the electoral college. Obama was able to capture 303 electoral votes by winning key battle ground states such as Ohio, Florida, and Virginia.  Romney was only able to get 206 votes.

Going into the election, I was confident of Obama’s victory and in Nate Silver’s predictions. All his predictions held true.

Many complain that Obama didn’t do enough in his first term. This may be true; however, he did have a lot to lose. Being too aggressive could have given him a bad reputation for not wanting to work bipartisan (even though no Republicans were willing to work with him either), and may have cost him this election. This time around, I am sure he will do what needs to be done in order to fix this country.

Many are also confused as to why Romney lost.  There are many reasons, but the most prevalent is his far-right leaning. Many moderate conservatives did not agree with Romney’s far-right ideals, and they gave their votes to Obama because of it. Obama isn’t right-winged, he is just a moderate left. This made him appealing to all those voters weary of Romney.

After this election, I now look forward to four more years of progress and change. Four more years of a better economy, better job market, better foreign affairs, better education, equal rights, and  better regulations on business. Electing Obama is the first step to a better America.