Top Five Complaints About Niles West

Junior Breana Brill lists the top-five complaints about Niles West.

Junior Breana Brill lists the top-five complaints about Niles West.

By Breana Brill

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Junior Breana Brill lists her complaints about Niles West.

Junior Breana Brill lists her complaints about Niles West.

Niles West is a school of opportunity, diversity and extremely cold classrooms. West may be a wonderful school, but I just can’t help but notice the same complaints from students cycle every year. Let’s take a look into the top five complaints of Niles West students.

1. “It’s too cold.” Let’s be real here, Niles West is cold ALL year round. Yes… that includes winter too. I actually feel like I’m in the Arctic in most of my classes, and the classes that aren’t in the Arctic cold are usually participating in the desert heat. There’s never a medium of temperature.

2. “The hallways are way too congested.” Seriously, one of my biggest pet peeves of all time is the way people walk in the hallways. The worst part of my day is not my classes, but actually walking to my classes. Either people will just randomly stop in front of you to talk to a friend and you slam into their backpack, or maybe they’ll throw you against a locker because they decide to run into you, or the best one is when the person in front of you walks slower than a sloth and you’re stuck behind him or her. I don’t care about your “swag,” just walk like a normal person.

3. “The cafe food sucks.” I’m sure you all have heard enough about the cafeteria food after #lunchstrike2013 but it’s not like the complaints stopped circulating. Although Organic Life has no control over the food portions, they do have control over the moldy chicken and bug salad that some students claim they’ve received… maybe they should think about fixing that.

4. “Why do they make us wait to get our food during homeroom lunch…” This has been starting to become a daily occurrence, where the homeroom lunchers are forced to wait either outside the cafeteria or in a line in front of the food place for five minutes. I understand that the staff has to clean the tables, but honestly we only have 10 minutes to eat… I think I can sacrifice a dirty table rather than half of my lunch time.

5. “Why are there so many unnecessary changes.”  I think the biggest unnecessary change this year was probably the finals schedule. Sure, the district provided many reasons why they wanted to switch over to this schedule, but they never gave any reasons why the old schedule was bad. It was pretty ridiculous to put students in such a confused schedule with proctors of different subjects. And not to mention, the whole week was a mess.

Did I miss anything? What are some of your complaints about Niles West? Comment below!