Class of 2013: Remembered for the Wrong Reasons

Class of 2013: Remembered for the Wrong Reasons

By Mara Shapiro

10th Period Editor Mara Shapiro on the Spring Assembly.
10th Period Editor Mara Shapiro on the Spring Assembly.

Well, Niles West, here we go again. Unfortunately, this is my second time writing a denouncement of a spirit assembly, the prior one being the winter assembly. It’s not deja vu that I enjoy experiencing. 2013, while you may be “remembered,” ( I say this lightly since, let’s be honest, next year’s freshmen won’t know us, and frankly won’t care) it will be for appalling reasons.

Why did we have a spirit week? Why did the seniors change “teacher-student switch day” into their own tie-dye day? Why did people show up in short shorts when it was snowing outside, vandalize school property (the bathrooms) with spray paint, and overall make a big fuss, when in the end, the reason for all of this got cancelled? I just don’t understand why we couldn’t be respectful when principal Kaine Osburn specifically told us that if we caused a commotion, the assembly would be cancelled. We all knew he was mad about the winter one, why would we push the envelope again?

First of all, spirit assemblies are not Ke$ha concerts. There is no need for glitter and silly string. Not everyone wants their hair and outfits to be covered in these things. And, I guess people stayed after to clean up, but if that clears your conscious, oh, boy, do we have even bigger problems here. Maybe a representative from the class of 2013 could have gone directly to Osburn and asked if it would be okay to bring in glitter and silly string. That would have been smart, but as was shown Friday, intelligence was clearly not shining through.

I still can’t figure out how a tire was brought in because I wasn’t aware that Niles West was a car dealership. What was the purpose of the tire?  Is that a symbol of school spirit? It seems to me that the class of 2013 could care less about school spirit and would rather cause drama and destruction. Juniors, you guys were pretty civil, so maybe you’ll behave next year. Oh, wait, there are rumors circling that there may not even be any future spirit assemblies.

What’s even more astonishing is that people don’t understand what went wrong. Yeah, the silly string and glitter weren’t that bad, I guess. But throwing artifacts at the boys’ gymnastics team while they were doing their tricks was dangerous. If something hit those boys while they were flipping in the air, they could have gotten seriously hurt. That was probably the tipping point for Osburn, if I had to guess.

I think the most disturbing part of all this is that the class of 2013 is so smug and pleased with their work. Posting statuses like “we did it right” or “I love my class” shows how disrespectful you all are. This school has raised you during the past four years. Yeah, it’s definitely not perfect, but if you guys have so much school spirit in your hearts, why disappoint so many other students and your administration? And write such classless things on Facebook?

None of the spring athletes could show off their talents. They worked hard preparing for their peers, especially teams who did videos. The technology department puts so much effort into making assemblies special for us all, editing all those videos. Most importantly, the C.E.C. Club annual spring basketball tournament could not take place. They literally work all year for this. Yeah, they got to play after the debauchery, but it clearly wasn’t the same. They love having everyone cheer for them. To ruin that opportunity for them was heartless.

If we were really classy people, 2013 would write a formal apology to all those athletes and clubs involved, but most importantly, an apology to Osburn should be made, considering this was his last assembly with us, something that should have been a happy memory for him.

So, yeah, I guess we’ll be “remembered.” Please, we all act like we’re so great, like we’re celebrities. That’s called having delusions of grandeur, guys. It’s non-existent. All the hard work the athletes, C.E.C. Club, student government, student activities director Jessica Pritzker and Osburn put in was for naught. We had a lovely 15-minute assembly, that must be a record. I’m ashamed to be a part of the class of 2013. The cancellation was nobody’s fault but our own. If we wanted to “go big,” we should have waited until the end of the assembly to go crazy.  Is graduation going to be chaos as well? Let’s just say, it definitely won’t be hard to say goodbye to a lot of my classmates when May 30 rolls around.