Junior Year: Why the Stress is Worth It

Junior Katrina Nickell

Junior Katrina Nickell

By Katrina Nickell

Junior year. Often synonymous with hell, stress, and/or tears.

This is the year that everyone tells you counts; and the worst part is they’re right. It is colleges favorite time to look at your grades, the ACT becomes something to worry about, and always a whole pile of homework to finish. But as awful as it may sound, junior year isn’t all that bad with the right mindset.

1) Do the ACT Prep:

Take a class class, grab the big red book, find a tutor. Whatever you can get your hands on do it! Not until second semester came along did I realize how much these resources help. But they will only help when you take them seriously and do the work. The ACT is not everything to college admissions but it sure is something, that’s why we all do it.

2) Accept the fact you will need to stay in some weekends:

You may decide to catch up on sleep or last week’s homework, staying in helps in the long run. Your social life may not be as colorful and care free, but you need to accept that. Junior year sucks a lot of fun out of everyone. It’s important this year to do whatever your top priority is, not others.

3) Learn to like coffee:

Sleep was barely in my schedule junior year and to some it might not be in there at all. Ask any senior and they will tell you either them or a friend have pulled an all nighter. Find your energy boost to keep you going through the day. Don’t end up being the kind in class roaring the zzz’s. You just set yourself up to be the victim of a teacher’s embarrassing plan to wake you up.


4) It’s not too early to begin the college process:

In fact, there is not a better time than now. You need to figure out what works best for your personality, financial situation, and the distance. But be realistic. Know your reach schools, perfect matches, and safety schools. Research the average ACT and GPA scores. Use Naviance! Even Googling random schools at 3 a.m. when procrastinating homework can be resourceful.

5) Find your passion:

Cliche and vague, I know. But, most will see junior year as the time to find your identity. Take the chance. Find what you love and dedicate everything you have into it. It will become an escape from everything that seems wrong in your crazy year. The stress build up only helps in making you become a more driven person.

If all comes to being nauseating just remember it’s only a year!